Sunday, November 28, 2010

Adventures in Decorating

On Friday night, I bundled Mr. Right off to the airport for a 9 day visit with his folks.  9 days is a long time.  Just sayin'.  Anyway, I've been trying to keep busy over the weekend and found a zillion and four things to do.  There was cleaning to be done (boo), picture organizing (bleh), Christmas shopping (yay), and Christmas decorations to put up (double yay).  I started working on switching out the Fall decorations for the Christmas variety this morning, hauling boxes back and forth from the basement.  Good times. 

By early afternoon, the mantle and the alcoves around it were off to a pretty good start, with room to grow...

And since it was such a pretty day, I decided to put the outside lights up during the warmest part of the afternoon.  I left for Target around 2 (Christmas lights on sale!  Woo!), and noticed that it seemed to be clouding up awfully quickly. 

I got home around 3, and set about putting up the lights just as the first flakes started to fall.  And by first flakes, I mean the first snow we've had all year.  Seriously. 

I was able to get some of the lights onto the tree, and some on the bushes out front before the dog and I, and everything else were completely covered in white. 

So here's what my Sunday Christmas light expedition looks like now...

Pretty, but a little sparse.  Don't worry, there's more to come!  Just as soon as it stops snowing and I can manage to crawl around on the roof without maiming myself.


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