Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Work in Progress Wednesday v.141

Hi again!  I promise I'm trying to get back here more regularly, but with everything that happened I seem to have misplaced my knitting mojo, resulting in not much to post about.  But, But! It looks like it's finally starting to resurface.  And so I have a tiny bit of P to report to all you WIPW peeps.  The Austin Hoodie continues.  It really is taking forever to knit, through no fault of its own.  It skips right along whenever I manage to pick it up, it's just the picking part that's been slow.

 Anyway, the back and right front are finished.  Left front is underway.  Then it's just two sleeves and a hood, and we're golden!  I'm loving knitting this sweater, and loving the yarn too.  It's knitting up into a lovely fabric. 

In other news, I got a job!  It's just a wee little one, but it's fun.  I'm officially the Assistant at Sunrise Fiber Co. !  How is cool is that?  Wren dyes absolutely gorgeous yarn, which she sells on etsy, and in a few yarn stores.  These are my current favorites:

First, Fig (which is a little darker and more mysterious than it looks on my screen):

And also Chamomile in the sparkle lace base:

She's also got a facebook page and a Ravelry group where she quite often announces great deals on her pretty stuff.  Not that I'm biased or anything, but go check it out.  If you buy yourself a skein there's a good chance that it's been wound by little old me.  And I'd like to apologize in advance.  I'm getting better, really.  But man, making a perfectly twisted skein is hard.

That's what's been keeping me busy around these parts.  I'm feeling the itch to cast on something shiny and new (just to break things up a bit), so come back next week and see if I've managed to hang onto my sweater monogamy or not.  I know!  The suspense is killing me, too.  To keep yourself busy between now and then, go check out all the pretty pretties over at Work in Progress Wednesday.  I'll see you there!