Friday, July 27, 2012

FO Friday: Proxy Edition

Man, it seems like it's been an age since I've managed to finish anything, let alone get it posted up for FO Friday and Fiber Arts Friday.  Still wedding-ing full speed around these parts, especially since we're now officially at 30 days (*gulp*)!

I didn't get much knit time last week, because I was getting my SCUBA certification! (More on that below), so I was super surprised to have an FO to show you guys.  Wanna know the trick?  I totally didn't make it.  Someone else did.  How awesome is that???

A few months ago, I entered and won a little contest hosted by Kathleen over at A Surprise Every Time.  If you don't read this blog, you should.  Kathleen is all kinds of awesome.  Anyway, I won myself 2 little crocheted bookworms to use as bookmarks or to stick in worm-worthy books at the library for someone else to find.  All in all, very cool!

Time passed, and I completely forgot about the contest, until Kathleen left a comment here and let me know that she hadn't forgotten and that a package was on the way.  It was so far outta my head that it was like winning all over again.

Well.  The box arrived last night, and oh. my. gosh.  Seriously.  There were such treasures inside this unassuming little tea box:

First, book worms!  And not just 2.  Aren't they adorable?

There was even a fish!  And a star!

But the very bestest part was that Kathleen pays attention.  She put this in the box:


It's not only the cutest owl I've ever seen, it's Wendell.  And he's made in our wedding colors!  And he's holding a little clipboard that has wedding stuff checked off (flowers, music and happiness)!  Apparently, he's my new assistant, and will take on all the little stressful odds and ends of wedding planning that are left.  Best. Gift. Ever. And since I know you're wondering, Wendell is totally coming to the church with me on August 25, just in case.  Thank you, Kathleen!!

Also this week, while I was being showered with unexpected and undeserved pressies, I was also getting my scuba certification.  I gotta say, it was a little bit dicey at first.  I didn't expect to feel anxious underwater but I did.  I had an especially hard time taking my mask off down there and putting it back on.  And by "hard time", I mean I completely lost ALL of my marbles at the bottom of the pool, ripped my regulator out of my mouth, sucked in a giant lung-full of water, and shot like a (stupid, sputtering, choking) rocket to the surface of the pool.  Yikes.  This left me really scared for my open water dives the next day, but I went back.

It's important to note here that when you live in the Rocky Mountains, there are a limited number of places to do open water diving.  Here, one of the choices is the big tank at the Denver Aquarium.  So that's where I went.  And people, it was amazing!  I had no panic, no problems, and passed all my requirements.  With that out of the way, we had some time to swim around the tank.  So cool!  Proof:

There are 3 huge (12 feet long or so) nurse sharks in the tank, one of whom is particularly fond of people.  We'd been warned that she'd likely make contact with us, but didn't think much about it until we were all in a circle on our knees at the bottom of the tank and she came cruising in and plopped down in the middle of the circle, knocking 2 of us over in the process.  Too funny.

My next encounter with her came a few minutes later when I was swimming along and she came straight at me, aimed for a head on collision.  I waited to see what would happen and when she got about 6" from my mask, she dropped down and zoomed under me, close enough that I could feel her fins through my wet suit.

Finally, at the end of the dive, I was swimming along the floor of the tank and she came zooming up behind me and swam between me and the gravel.  That was enough of a surprise that I let out a little girl scream.  It sounds a bit scary, but really it was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had.  This isn't me, but you can see the shark with her friend at the bottom of the picture.

So there you have it.  Not much finished, not much fiber, but I'll take a Friday any way I can get it these days.  For less sharks and more yarn, check out FO Friday and Fiber Arts Friday.  I'll see you out there!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday v.102

Hi again!  Still here.  Still utterly drowning in wedding prep at this point.  It's (already!) WIPW again, and I've been so busy this week that the sum total of my knitting progress amounts to a couple more puffs.  Not much exciting to see here.

I'm totally consumed at the moment by studying for my scuba diving class this weekend.  I'm about 80% of the way through section 4 of 6 on the study and have tomorrow night and Thursday night to go.  It's gonna be a close one, folks.  We really want to dive on our honeymoon, and I'm super excited to learn how to do it.  I just wish I had 30 or so hours in a day for the next few weeks.  Can anyone swing that for me?  I'd be eternally grateful, and would probably even bake you some cookies with all my extra time.  Pretty good offer, no?

Since I have nothing of interest to show you knitting-wise, I'll attempt to distract you with pretty pictures of wedding stuff.  Smoke and mirrors, guys.  That's what I've got to offer this week.

Look! Our cake topper finally arrived!  It's even better than I could've hoped for!

It all started with a pretty box with a few amazingly cute postcards...

And inside...

White paper fluffy stuff!  Awesome!

And underneath the fluffy stuff, these guys!

I know.  I about died from the cute myself.  The lovely and talented Ann Wood made them just for us, using exactly our wedding colors that I sent to her via a couple of web links.  And they're perfect!

Check out the boutonniere on his lapel!

And the flower on her fascinator (which isn't blurry at all in real life -- sorry)!

I'm smitten.  This was my one big splurge for the wedding, where I just flat out bought what I wanted with no regard for the price.  I'm so glad I did.  It was worth every penny, and Ann is an absolute dream to work with.  I can't recommend her enough.  Love.

In other news, I want to make a bunting for the wedding.  I didn't know it was called a bunting until recently, but there you go.  In case you're like me, a bunting is a string of those little triangle-shaped flags you hang up for party decorations.  They're even on our invitations.  Like so...

So, ignoring the fact that I have no idea how to make one of these, and also the fact that I have no idea how to sew, I went out last week and bought the most adorable fabrics in red and blue to make a bunting! 

Later, I'll worry about how to turn this pile into something decorative and useful.  For now, I'm just going to stare fondly at it because it's so pretty.  And I'm going to memorize dive tables.  They're less pretty, but lots more urgent at the moment.

What are you going to do?

Friday, July 13, 2012

FO Friday - Temporary Amnesia Edition

Hey you guys!  How the heck are ya?  In case you missed the update, I was all set to write a WIPW post this week, and then got an email on Wednesday morning from a blog friend (Hi, Nikki!)  asking if I was okay since I'd missed posting two weeks in a row.  I was really, really confused for a minute as I'd been totally convinced that it was Tuesday.  Yeah, not so much. 

The upshot is, I'm alive and well, and utterly unable to keep track of the days of the week any longer.  Ah well, there are worse things, right?

So here's a tiny update for you:  When last we spoke, I was still in California, taking care of my newly surgerized fiance in his business-trip hotel room.  I ended up flying home on Thursday, and happily they sent him home with me to heal up for a few days.  He did, and is now back in California (sans appendix) working away.  Phew!  It's a bummer to be apart again, but I'm happy to have him healthy and be back for normal pre-wedding stress levels. 

And now for the FO Friday/ Fiber Arts Friday portion of the festivities:  I'm still knitting away on the wedding puffs, and despite having some serious trauma with the heart puffs (yeah, I know, there's nothing much "hexi" about them), they're coming along.  Here are the first 8:

Pretty cute, no?  I'm definitely getting faster at them and have high hopes for at least a couple of dozen of them hanging from the apple tree at the reception.

My other FO for this week is wedding shoes!  Sounds silly, I know... but it took 5 phone calls, 1 store visit, 2 internet orders and 1 rather painful mail order return to get them done.  I'd say that cements their FO status, don't you think?  Anyway, here they are:

I don't love them on their own, but they're really pretty spectacular with the dress, which you'll have to wait a bit to see since Mr. Right some times reads my blog (Hi, love!).  So take my word for it and I promise to share lots of pics when the time comes (44 days -- eep!)

I'd show you the invitations too, but I can't figure out how to blur the details and I don't really want to invite the whole of the internets to the wedding.  Ooh!  But I can maybe crop it so you can just see the design my friend made for us...

There's not really a black outline around the edges, but it got a bit lost on the background without.  Aren't they so cute?  And in case you haven't guessed it yet, my next wedding DIY is making flag bunting to hang on the fence at the reception.  Stay tuned for pics of that progress next Wednesday, provided I can figure out what day it is.  Until then, have a spectacular weekend!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Hi.  Still here.  Still happily knitting and planning a wedding and finishing up a job. 

Just utterly convinced that it was Tuesday until about 5 minutes ago.  Oops.

Miss you guys!  And promise to be back with a new post on FO Friday.