Monday, November 22, 2010

Life isn't Fair

Sometimes, life just doesn't play fair. 

When you hold a contest, you're supposed to remind everyone that they should leave a way to contact them, should they be lucky enough to win.  But I didn't.  And the only person who didn't leave contact information?  She won.  And never came back.  So it's back to the number generator, where we come up with 14 this time.  Comment #14 was left by Kate! of  You should go check out Kate's blog.  It's filled with beautiful pictures of pretty things, some of which are knitting-related.  Bonus!

Noreen, I feel terribly about this.  Should you happen by again, drop me a line and I'll send you some sort of treat for your trouble.  I promise to make it a good one.

And, while we're on the topic of things that aren't fair...

Really, it's not supposed to cost $4500 to get dental work done, especially when you have insurance.  Boo.

And by late November, it's supposed to be snowing around these parts.  It should look something like this any minute now...

But we've yet to have so much as a flake hit the ground and stick.  Boo.

Your mother isn't supposed to dress you funny, but...

Yeah, I have no idea.  Easter?  And that  doll I'm holding was Mom's when she was little.  It's in a box in my basement now, too creepy to keep around and too much family history to let it go.  Yikes.

But most of all, I shouldn't be whining when I've been so stinking blessed.

Really, truly blessed.

And on the topic of blessings, Mr. Right and I have some friends who could use a few.  Our friend Shadow had an accident at work a couple of months ago, and is having surgery tomorrow to find out if they'll be able to save his leg.  If it doesn't go well, they'll have to amputate.  Since Shadow is a heavy equipment operator and a race car driver, he'd really like to have 2 legs.  So if you're of the praying kind, would you offer one up for Shadow, his amazing wife, Carolina and they're cute-as-a-bug daughter, Layla?  If you're not the praying sort, I'm sure they'd appreciate any kind thoughts you could spare.

I'll be back on Wednesday with cheerier thoughts.  Promise.  :)

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