Friday, November 5, 2010

FO Friday Cheater-style

It's been SO long since I've had an FO (that's a knitterly term for Finished Object, for you folks with your minds in the gutter) to share on FO Friday, that I decided to totally cheat.  You still respect me, right?

Anywho, I was doing some closet purging (I love getting rid of stuff -- I blame a combination of too little space for too long and watching Hoarders  *shudder*)... and I found this:

This is the very first thing I knitted.  Ever.  I don't know if I've told this story before, but I used to work for a company called Klutz that does awesome activity books for kids.  Once upon a time, we decided to do a Knitting book, and suddenly the office was filled with yarn and needles and stitch markers and all sorts of wonderful stuff.

I signed up to be an instruction tester for the book, and since I was A) totally new to knitting  B) moderately uncoordinated and C) left-handed, it was decided that if I could be taught to knit, anyone could.  So that's how I learned.  And this coin purse was the first pattern I tested.  It even looked lame enough (as if a kid had churned it out) that it made it into the book.  If you can get your hands on a copy, you'll see a cute blonde girl holding it up.  I knitted a few other things that made it into the book, too.  All really fun.

And then I proceeded to knit a scarf a year, give or take, until I discovered Ravelry.  And now I'm hopelessly obsessed and working on my 10th project of the year.  Just like most of you.

So, what's the first thing you ever knitted?  And where is it now?

PS  By the time you read this, I'll be crawling around on rocks in Moab, Utah with nary a computer in sight.  See y'all next week!


  1. That's a cute little purse, it's awesome that you still have the first thing you knitted! I don't have my first ever knitting project, a flourescent orange chunky acrylic rectangle all in garter stitch which was my "practice" knitting when I was little. My first adult project was a pink ribbed scarf from the Stitch and Bitch book, I do still have that and even wear it sometimes.

  2. aaahhh Paula I remember those days well... my first was one of the little long strap purses from the book.. no idea where it is now! I remember our first trip to a real yarn store together....

  3. The very first thing I ever ever ever knitted was an attempt at a blanket with super bulky chenille yarn on giant needles. Not a very good choice. It never got finished and wound up as a dog bed liner and then after being sufficiently stinkified, got thrown away.

  4. My first knit was a hat that I finished in a knitting class. It was supposed to be sized for an adult, but it fit my then-8-yr-old son perfectly! So I guess I had learned to knit but hadn't learn much about gauge at that point!
    Have fun in Moab!

  5. Hope you're having a GREAT time on your trip! The first thing I crocheted was a small blanket for one of my cats. Really, it was a big swatch in single crochet. LOL

    As you know, I just starting knitting...actually today. I'll be starting with a swatch and then a basic scarf I think.

    When did you start knitting?

  6. Another thing I forgot to ask/say in my first comment, YAY for lefties! Did you learn a special lefty way to knit, or do you just knit right-handed?

  7. I think it's so cool that you worked on that book! The Crochet book is like my FAVORITE ever. That's what I learned to crochet with!

  8. Northern Monkey - Extra credit for you if you made a first FO that you still choose to wear - Bravo!
    BB - Me too! I was just thinking about that trip we made to Stitches West and had no idea that it was a big deal. Funny!

    Dina - I'm sure your dogs were very appreciative. Chenille is soft! But not so fun to knit with.

    Affiknitty - Thanks! I've decided that anything I knit that actually fits someone is a smashing success. Maybe he just has a really big head? ;)

    Tami- Thanks, we had an amazing weekend (pics coming!). I think I learned to knit in '03, but didn't do more than scarves until this year. Lefties totally rock, and I just learned to knit right-handed since I didn't know how anyway and it made it MUCH easier to follow along with books and videos. I'm sure you'll do great -- can't wait to see!

    Alea - Yay! I worked on the Crochet book, too. Awesome that it inspired such an artisan! :)

    tony - Sounds lovely! If I were anywhere on the same continent, I'd come join you!

  9. Thanks, Paula! I've decided to learn right-handed just to make everything easier. I crochet left handed, but knitting seems easier to learn opposite hand since you use both. WOW, you only did scarves until this year and you made that amazing sweater for Mr. Right!? That's impressive!

  10. I had forgotten about our trip to Stitches West, but now I remember how overwhelming it was... I bought those silk hankies that I had to twist into thread to knit with... weird..