Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Work in Progress Wednesday v.17

It's WIPW again!  These things seem to be coming faster and faster, especially as Christmas gets *gulp* closer and closer.  Since Mr. Right's been away, I've had way more time to knit work on projects this past week.  It's been fun, but I'd rather have him hanging around interrupting me.  Ah well.

The Big News is that Avast is really, truly, FINALLY finished.  I took it over to my neighbor the other night for a zipper consult, and she spread it out on her kitchen table, showed me exactly how to do put in the zipper, then proceeded to sew the whole blinking thing in (and then add a second line of reinforcement stitches) while we chatted.  The whole operation from basting to done took about an hour and a half.  I'm so grateful I could cry.  Because really, with my mad sewing skillz, it would've taken me a solid week.  And it looks great!  I think I need to bake her something.

Totally off track, sorry!  This is supposed to be about all the stuff I'm working on now.  Right then.  Elijah is coming along great.  He has a head, complete with extra-cute trunk, a body, and a whole leg.  Oh, and pay
no attention to the shiny green knitting needle sticking out of his noggin.  Turns out it's super difficult to get a one-legged elephant to sit up properly for a photo...

I'm dying of the cute.  Hopefully, he'll get another leg tonight and some arms tomorrow so that he'll be all ready for FO Friday.  Fingers crossed!  I am contemplating a gender change, though.  Wouldn't he be SO cute as an Eliza?  We'll see what happens once all his/her limbs are in place.

That little felt project I was working last week is still in the hopper, even though I haven't had any time to work on it.  I still think I'll be able to finish one by Friday.  Lofty ambitions this week!

Finally, here's the cable lace vest ...

It doesn't look like much progress has been made, but I was able to navigate the row after the short rows, picking up the wraps and purling them in with no problems.  A few more rows of waist decreases done and I've just started the top of the vest with ribbing in back and cables in front.  Pretty good, considering.

S'all for me this week.  Head over to Tami's Blog and check out everyone else's WIPW projects.  Holiday presents galore!

Which reminds me...  Hanukkah starts tonight.  Happy Hanukkah to everyone who's celebrating!


  1. Awww Elijah/Eliza is going to be adorable! I can't wait to see him/her finished. The vest is coming along nicely. The more you work on it, the more I LOVE the color.

  2. Beautiful projects! Elijah is such an adorable little elephant. Congratulations on getting Avast done -- and good for you asking for help. The next sweater will be easier.

  3. I'm glad your neighbor was there and willing to help you.

    Your elephant is cute. Looking forward to seeing your progress on the vest.

  4. Congrats on Avast! You are so lucky to have such a helpful neighbor who knows how to sew. Elijah/Eliza is looking adorable. I kind of like the contrast of the green, maybe you can knit him a green hat or scarf!

  5. SO glad you got the help you wanted/needed on the zipper. The newest Interweave Knits has a whole article on a new way to install zippers... I thought of you! Elijah/Eliza is adorable... LOVE!

  6. aww my godson is called Elijah he would love that, some cute work xx

  7. Elijah is absolutely adorable. Loving it1