Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Work In Progress Wednesday v.16

Happy Wednesday Before Thanksgiving to everyone in the US (and any celebrating expats), and Happy WIPW to the rest of you!

Personally, I'm gearing up to cook my face off tomorrow.  But in between roasting and baking and brining (not in that order), I plan to sneak in some more time knitting on my new projects.  Both of them are super fun, so I'm having a hard time putting them down.

Elijah is coming along nicely, once I got past that crazy disappearing loop cast on that the pattern calls for.  Seriously, it's only 6 stitches, but between Mr. Right (did I mention he's an engineer?) and I we spent 45 minutes or so going through the directions and diagrams and still didn't have it right.  Thank goodness for youtubeThis video finally did the trick though, and is a total lifesaver if you're looking to knit up an elephant.  I'm finishing up the trunk now, and here's what he's looking like...

Something still went a bit amiss with the cast on, unfortunately, and I did the first two rounds of stitches inside out.  Oops.  I think you can't tell unless you're looking for it and I know the recipient won't mind, so I'm soldiering on.  Not too bad, right?

He's not so cute yet, but I have high hopes for him.  I'm not quite sure about the stuffing though.  Does anyone have tips for how much polyfill one should cram in into one's elephant?  I want him to be soft, but not wobbly, and it seems no matter how much stuffing I stuff, there's room for more.  I'd love any suggestions from any of you who've knit (or crocheted!) any stuffies.

I have another new project this week, too.  And *gasp*, it's not knitting.  I know, right?  Who woulda thunk.  We'll keep it a mystery at the moment, but I'm hoping for an FO to share with you on Friday.  Here's what it looks like at the moment...

In the in between spots, I'm also still plugging away at the cable lace vest, which continues to go pretty well.  On Saturday, Mr. Right and I drove up to Wyoming to pick up some truck parts he'd bought, and I decided it would be a perfect time to knit lace short rows in the car on the way.  I am not super smart, sometimes.  So I knitted away for a while, juggling pattern and needles and row counter, and when I got to the end of the short rows, things didn't add up.  So 1 hour into our 12 hour day of driving, I crammed the vest back into the bag, grumbled a bit, and that was that.

Turns out I hadn't screwed anything up, I'd just misread the instructions.  There are different numbers of short rows on the left and the right, see.  And I expected them to be symmetrical.  Silly me.  So in the end, I was fine.  I just missed out on oodles of car knitting time.  I'm done with the short rows on the vest now, and I think it's looking pretty good.

I'm going to give myself a few more days of knitting on it before I put it down to finish up Elijah and start  working on an Ice Queen to give as a Christmas gift.  Once the Christmas knitting is finished up, I'll dive back in to vest-land.

At the moment, though, I'm going to head over and check out everyone else's progress over at Tami's blog.  You should too.



  1. I love the Elijah pattern, it's so cute! Can't wait to see how yours turns out. The cables on your vest are pretty too, and I love the colour.

  2. I don't think you could tell unless you knit one before. I sure can't tell anything is wrong with it.

    Your vest is looking good. I alway keep a stockinette project around for car knitting.

    Interested in what you're doing with the felt.

    I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving and that you don't actually cook your face off.

  3. Great projects you have on the needles right now. Oo, it looks like you're making some kind of Feltie! Can't wait to see what it is.

    I attempted to knit in the car this past weekend as well, and it only resulted in my frogging the whole thing. Glad you didn't have an error!

  4. Your cabled vest certainly is looking good! Warm, fuzzy, raspberry yum.

  5. Your cast on for Elijah looks fine to me. Thanks for the YouTube tip. The felt project looks very interesting. It must be something for the holidays maybe? Pretty reds and greens. So glad that you didn't have to fix any messes on your vest. Short rows are fun except when you have to rip them back.

  6. I think Elijah is pretty cute already---I can imagine big flappy ears on him in that first picture, and they're going to look great! (It's helpful to have someone with an engineering background around for knitting/crocheting questions, too!)