Friday, December 24, 2010

FO Ho Ho Friday

Happy Almost Christmas, everybody!

I can't believe it's almost here, though I should since I've been wrapping presents for the last eleventy billion hours or so.  I have one left to wrap...

It's finished!  But it's taking forever to dry after being blocked.  I have the box ready, the paper set out, it just needs another hour or two locked up in the guest bathroom with the heat vent open.... I hope.  Otherwise I'll be giving a slightly soggy hat tomorrow.

I'm super happy with the way it turned out, but I did have some trouble with laddering on the decreases.  I'm not sure why, as I've never had a problem before, but I just stitched it up a bit when I was weaving the ends in and it seems like everything's A-Ok.  I definitely see myself knitting another of these in the future.  I want one to keep!  It's fun and fairly fast, and it will give me a chance to learn how to hold one color in each hand.

The only other FO I have to share this week is this:

It's Pioneer Woman's Blackberry Cheesecake.  I've never made a cheesecake before, and this one is for Christmas dessert.  It browned way faster than expected in the oven, and so I turned the heat down and pulled it out a bit early.  Then when it cooled, it sank.  A bunch.  Is that normal?  I dumped the blackberry topping onto it, but I'm worried it's not cooked all the way through.  How do you know with a cheesecake? I guess we'll find out.  Come back next week for details of the spectacular dessert or epic failure.  I'll let you know which way it goes.

Until then, a very Merry Christmas to all of you and yours!


  1. The hat looks amazing! Fabulous job on your first colorwork!

  2. That hat turned out amazing. It looks totally hand-bought. WOW, you should be proud of it.

    Yum, that pie looks amazing. TASTY!

    Merry Christmas. :)