Friday, December 3, 2010

FO Friday

Hey, guess what!  It's FO Friday again, and this week, I'm only sort of cheating.  That's some serious progress.  With Mr. Right (still!) away, I've been a busy little beaver.

As I mentioned on WiP Wednesday, Mr. Right's Avast finally counts as an FO -- zipper and all.  I'm super pleased with the way it turned out, and can't wait for him to wear it when he gets home.  Apologies for the weak pic, but it's dark around here these days!

And now a close-up of the infamous zipper in all its antique brass glory.  Ooh!  Ahh!

Yay for sweaters that *finally* end!  And even more yay for sweaters that finally end well.  Phew!  It's such a relief.

In other FO news (I know, right?  More than one in a week!  Crazy!)... Remember all that felt?

I hooked it up with a pile of embroidery floss...

And a few hair clips...

(Pretend that I remembered to take a picture of the clips, okay?  They look like these.)
And voila!

Courtesy of the Purl Bee (the awesome craft blog by the folks at Purl SoHo), the world's cutest hair clips. Pattern is here.  I LOVE them.  They're fairly easy to pull off, though I have broken 2 embroidery needles trying to get the embroidery floss through the felt.  And I think they look kind of amazing.

I was so excited, I made a pink one, too...

Actually, this is what made me think of turning Elijah into Eliza.  How cute would this little elephant be with a rose hair clip on her ear?  Seriously cute, is what I think.  Either way, I have 3 more to make this weekend, and then I'll be set for Christmas.  At least in the hair clip department.  Once I get the felt out of my system, it'll be back to elephanting and vesting around here.  But I gotta say, it was kind of a fun break.

My other HUGE project at the moment is Mr. Right's 30th birthday.  He's finally hitting the big 3-0, so we're celebrating in grand style.  I've been scheming for 6 months now, and it's all coming together next weekend.  Man, it's exhausting to keep a secret from your SO for 6 months.  It's killing me!  I can't divulge any more details without spoiling the awesome surprise, but I'll post the whole story and pictures once the cat's out of the bag.   Promise.

Hope y'all have a spectacular weekend!  You should start it by checking out everyone else's FO Friday successes over at Tami's blog.


  1. I love how great your Avast turned out. Well done. Those hair clips are cute.

  2. OOoooo, I can't wait to hear what the big surprise for him is. I LOVE surprises, even when they aren't for me! LOL

    Ok, the sweater turned out amazing. You should be soooo proud of it. He's going to not want to take it off.

    I seriously need to make those clips. They're adorable. Was it really as easy as you said it was?

  3. Congrats on finishing Avast! It looks perfect! I like the idea of turning Elijah into Elizah with the hairclips too.

  4. Denise - Thanks! I'm really proud of it.

    Tami - it's a good one! I can't wait to share it. :) And yep. You can totally pull off the clips. They take me about 45 minutes a piece. Not too bad, I think. And you can buy felt for like $.25 a square. Bargain!

    Affiknitty - Thank you! I think the deal is sealed. Eliza all the way. Thanks for the vote of confidence!

  5. wow you made that? thats amazing

  6. I am soooo impressed with the sweater! That's quite a marvelous accomplishment. You must have the soul of an architect.

  7. Rachel - Thanks! I had the exact same reaction! :)

    Pentalia - Thank you! I am a compulsive instruction follower. Thankfully, these are really good instructions.

  8. That cardigan is amazing! I'm seriously in awe of how nicely knitted and put-together it is. :D

    And I love the hair clips, too, I may have to try making some. (Thanks for the link to the pattern.)

  9. Those are some seriously adorable hair clips and that sweater - WOW!!!

  10. What awesome finished projects - those hairclips are super cute.