Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Work In Progress Wednesday v.19

I was SO hoping that I'd be able to write this post today and be all, "No elephant pics for you guys!  You'll have to wait til FO Friday for that -- cuz she's DONE!"  But I cannot be all like that.  Because she is still not done.  She would have been done, if not for this...

That's what's left of my right index finger after I tried to amputate the top half while slicing a loaf of french bread last night for Mr. Right's birthday party #2.  Bread knives are sharp (Ow.).  They are also serrated (Ow.), and sometimes slippery (Seriously. Ow.).  Out of respect for the gaping wound on my finger, I decided to take a day or two off from wrestling worsted weight yarn on size 3 dpns.  So here's our Miss Eliza, one ear and two eyes shy of her full pachyderm glory...

Still cute!  And I kitchenered that ear all by myself, with a bit of help from this youtube video.  If ever you need assistance with any sort of knitterly technique (please tell me I'm not the only one?), I highly recommend any videos by the knitwitch.  She's awesome at super clear videos and explanations.

Anyway, I'm still semi-hoping she'll be done in time for FO Friday, but we'll see.

Since I couldn't work on the elephant, and because I'm insane, I decided to start a hat for Mr. Right's mom for Christmas.  Brilliant!  Also?  Stranded colorwork.  Have I ever done stranded colorwork before?  Why no.  I have not.  I'm sure it'll be fine.  I mean I started at lunch, cast on twice (first long-tail wasn't long enough), could have sworn that I joined to work in the round (I didn't), and have managed one and a half rounds of ribbing so far.

But I have this stunning pattern by the lovely and talented Eskimimi, and this gorgeous yarn (ravelry link - sorry), and buckets of irrational optimism.  What could go wrong?*

Speaking of irrational optimism, I'm sure all of the other WIPW-ers are long done knitting their Christmas gifts and are busily basking in the warm glow of a stress-free holiday.  The only way to find out for sure is to head over to Tami's blog and see for yourself.

*Don't answer that.  Please?


  1. That snowbaby hat is beautiful---I hope the stranded colourwork thing works out well for you. :)

    And I'm sorry about your run-in with the bread knife, eek! I hope it heals quickly (although I think elephants are pretty patient, so I think Eliza can wait a bit for her other ear...)

  2. Sorry about the finger. Ow. Ow. Your elephant looks good.

    I have 1 and half stranded double knits hats to finish by Monday. I hope you'll be able to finish in time. Watch your tension with the floating strands in the back.

  3. A finger accident in the midst of holiday knitting season? You have my sympathy for sure. On the bright side, Eliza keeps getting more adorable every week. Good luck with the hat! That is one cute pattern!

  4. Sometimes with stranded knitting it is best to do them inside out so the floats go round the outside, this keeps them loose enough to go on the person who is wearing them!

    And no you are not the only one who is still chugging away.

  5. ooooh ouchy! the pachy is lookin peachy. Stranded knitting is not so bad, go for it!

  6. OUCH! Sorry about the finger. I once cut a piece of my finger off with an X-acto knit. The tip was flat, but creepily, it GREW back. LOL, maybe I'm part lizard.

    I can't wait to see that hat. It's good to try something new, even this close to Christmas.

  7. Denise - thanks for the tip! I think I did okay, though it's taking me F-O-R-E-V-E-R. I love it enough to do it again, though. :)

    Autumngeisha - Thanks! The finger is taking much longer than expected to heal, but I'm hoping to be back to the elephant tomorrow!

    CraftyCripple - I keep meaning to compliment you on your new photo -- you're looking awfully glamorous these days! I couldn't wrap my head around knitting inside out, but I think it came out okay. I hope...

    Dina - Thanks! I totally went for it! And I love it! I fear that I might have to learn how to do that thing with one yarn in each hand. We'll see...

    Tami - Ewww! Same thing happened to Mr. Right a few years ago. It was SUPER creepy, but I guess better than the alternative, right? ;)