Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Work in Progress Wednesday v.20

**Editor's note -- I wrote this lovely post, then went to upload the pictures and realized that I left my camera at my office.  45 minutes away.  So instead of decently lit shots, you get crummy phone photos.  Sorry!  Now you'll appreciate this week's FO Friday photos even more, right?  ;)

*  *  *  *  *

Happy Wednesday before Christmas, you guys!  There's not much to report in the way of knitting progress around here, sadly, but I haven't missed a WIPW yet, so why start now?

The cut on my finger was worse than I thought, and a full week later, I still can't quite manage to make any progress on Eliza.  The cut runs over the back of my index finger, right where the yarn runs when I knit.  Not so convenient, really.  So I'm still staring at a one-eared elephant over here, but who knows... maybe there's a Christmas knitting miracle in store.  We'll see.

Instead of elephant-ing, I've been working like crazy on that stranded colorwork hat for Mr. Right's mom for Christmas.  Happily, that doesn't seem to bother my finger much.

I'm just about halfway done with the crown decreases now, which are zooming right along.  The 15 rounds of stranded colorwork took me about 3x as long as the rest of the hat total, but I did alright for a first-timer, I think, just s  l  o  w going.  I'm planning to finish it up tonight so I can get it blocked tomorrow.  Nothing like cutting it close!

That's all for me this week, so I'll leave you with the obligatory Christmas tree picture...

... and encourage everyone to head over to Tami's blog to check out all the fancy dancy WIPW progress that's going on this week.



  1. Love the tree and OH MY GOD, your hat is amazingly awesome! Great job for a newbie ;) Sorry about the finger, are you sure you don't need stitches or anything?

  2. good job on the hat. Merry Christmas!

  3. I love the hat! Colorwork is just so beautiful!

  4. That hat is very nice. Looks like you will have it finished in time.

  5. Your hat looks great-- yay for colorwork!

  6. Great job on your first colorwork project. Happy holidays and I hope your finger feels better soon!

  7. Your colorwork looks great! I hope your finger heals quickly. Happy holidays!