Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Work in Progress Wednesday v.125

Surprise!  Also, Happy New Year!  It seems I took a bit of an unintentional holiday while I adjusted to married life and working from home these last few months.  Sorry 'bout the radio silence, but I think I'm finally in a place where I can comfortably get back to blogging.  Yippee!

And what better place to start than my beloved Work in Progress Wednesday.  And I have work!  In progress, even!  I think the last time I popped in, I mentioned that I'd finally cast on for the Austin Hoodie I'd been dreaming about for ages.  It's still plugging along, but it's not terribly photogenic yet.  Exhibit A:

Really though, it's much farther along than it was.  There's about 6" of body there and I'm busily working the waist decreases at the moment.

It'd be bigger, but I got some crazy idea that I wanted to make a pair of fingerless mitts for my shiny new sister-in-law for Christmas.  And that meant I should probably also make a hat for her husband.  Totally reasonable if not for the fact that I had this revelation right around December 10 while I was finishing up a pair of socks.  But I pulled it off.  All of it.  For a minute there, I felt like Super Knitter.  It was exciting since the socks fit like a dream and both of the gifts were well received.  It was also exciting because I have material for lots of upcoming FO Fridays.  Bonus!

Anyway, while I was busily not blogging, I was doing other fun stuff.  We got some snow!!

Then Mr. Right had a birthday which prompted a weekend trip up north to Moose Country, resulting in lots of this:

And a pleasant amount of this:

And then Christmas appeared, and brought this with it:

*insert Kermit flail here*

I've been wanting a food processor for ages, and am so excited to finally have it.  Now I feel like I need the perfect recipe to test it out.  I've been perusing my new Smitten Kitchen cookbook, but haven't settled on anything yet.  So I'm open to suggestions.  What should I make with my fancy shmancy food processor?  Feel free to leave ideas in the comments -- I'm terribly impressionable.

With that, I'll say "See you Friday!"  And really, I will.  Promise.  I'll also be around more this year and will get back to blogging about other stuff some times too. Good times will be had by all.  Hmm... This sounds suspiciously like a list of New Year's resolutions, but let's just call them plans, shall we?

Edit:  Confession:  I wrote this post on Tuesday night and scheduled it to post on Wednesday morning.  It went ahead and posted it anyway.  I guess Blogger figured it'd been long enough between posts or something.  At any rate, if you read this on Tuesday night, be a sport and pretend it's Wednesday.  Mmmmkay?


  1. Ha ha ha ! My first thought when I read your post was "man, I missed another Wednesday!" Maybe your post will be the kick in the pants I need to write a post of my own.
    Your December looks like it was delightful and it's lovely to hear you sound so happy. I look forward to seeing your latest FO's.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Love it all! Smitten Kitchen is such a great blog, I'm looking forward to seeing her cookbook. Hummus is always a nice food processor dish!

  3. You've been busy, glad you got your gifts done on time. Sitting knitting by the fire looks yummy, but you can keep the snow; in can have mine. lol

  4. We've been obsessively eating beet pie from A Year in Pies... it would be much easier to make with a food processor (and honestly, it doesn't really taste all that beet-y, if you object to them on principle.)

    glad to see you back, and your december looks like it was fantastic!

  5. agggh that moose is MASSIVE!!!
    How are you lady? Was just thinking I should drop you a line to see how you are as you'd disappeared, and then, just like that, here you are again :)
    I know exactly what you mean about enjoying married life and being distracted by other projects. (have you seen my blog recently ?!?!?!?!) ;)
    Anyway, good to see you back again. Happy New year! xxx

  6. So happy to hear from you! It sounds like you had a great holiday. I am totally jealous of the food processor! I told the hubby that I wanted one for Christmas but he thought it was a trick considering that when we were dating I might have said that buying me an appliance for a gift would be grounds for sleeping in the doghouse. Oh, well. I would totally whip up a batch of homemade salsa if I had one of those. Probably would take less than 3 jealous!

  7. Well, if it helps, I'm reading this the following Monday because we were out of town (and no internet access without paying an arm and a leg for it).

    We used our food processor to make baby food. I think I used it a couple times to make a base for soups, too. Otherwise, no idea what to use it for. I kind of suck in the domestic cooking department. Oh well.