Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Work in Progress Wednesday v.127

The weeks just keep flying by, don't they? A blink and it's already (WIP)Wednesday again!  Craziness.  Things are cracking along over here.  I've made some (seemingly invisible) progress on the Austin Hoodie...

I swear it looks nearly like it did last week, but I finished another 3" of body, then started the cool woven section -- linen stitch, I think -- and divided the back from the fronts.  I'm currently marching up the back of the sweater, determined to wear this thing at Stitches West.  That's 35 days from now, but who's counting?  Right. 

And, as promised, those two partial skeins of yarn got some attention this week, and have morphed into this:

Actually, that's what it looked like on Saturday when I decided that I'd better take a picture in case I accidentally finished before I had time to take a proper WIP photo.  No such luck, as I've slowed down considerably over the last few days, strategizing.  You see, this is how much charcoal yarn is left:

24 grams.  And I still have one shawl collar/ button band and two striped sleeves to make.  It's gonna be a squeaker, my friends.  I decided to knit the collar/band first, since I know I want that to be grey, then weighing my yarn as I go to determine how much striping the sleeves will require.  So cross some fingers for me, please.  You can check back in a week or so to see how it all turned out.  You're all biting your respective nails, right? 

Meanwhile, I'm going to get back to the task at hand.  Mr. Right is leaving for a business trip today (boo!), so I expect to have lots of uninterrupted knitting time and silly girly movies to keep me going for the next few days.  Could be worse, right?


  1. Only 35 days til Stitches West?! Crap! I need to get going on my shawl...I have something like 16 rows left but they're all 200+ stitches at this point. GAH!

    I hate when you know you've made progress and you can't actually see it :( I can tell but that's because it's not mine :)

  2. HAHA. A Squeaker. I'm always knitting those. You would think I'd get better at math at some point. 35 days until Stitches!?! I'm so jealous. We don't get our Stitches until August/September. :( Keep at that sweater. You're totally going to get it done.

  3. Isn't that a frustrating feeling? Not knowing if you can make the yarn stretch? I've also made the mistake of shortening the garment when I run out, it always looks off. Good luck!!

  4. Fingers crossed the yarn holds out. I hate when that happens. The hoodie will be so nice when done. You can do it!