Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday v.99

What. A. Week.  Seriously, you guys... I'm done with drama.  I don't chase it, and I don't live my life in a way that encourages it, and yet it finds me...

As you may remember, Mr. Right is in the middle of a 2-month-long business trip that will end just before our wedding in August.  I stayed at home, making wedding plans, taking care of the dog, and getting ready for a big ol' wedding.  Easy enough.  On Thursday, we are notified that the founder of our parent company is making an unannounced visit.  Bad news.  About an hour later, I speak to Mr. Right, who tells me that the stomach pain he's been having has returned.  I harrass him until he agrees to go to the doctor.

Flas forward a couple of hours...  Mr. Right spends his lunch hour plus 2 more hours waiting to be seen at urgent care.  So much for urgent.  They can't get to him and he has to go back to work.  Meanwhile, in Colorado, our founder arrives, assembles everyone in the conference room, and announces that he's put our division up for sale, that he doesn't really expect anyone to operate us as a going concern, and that he's sorry.  We're all given layoff packages.

At just about that moment in California, Mr. Right's appendix ruptures.  Talk about timing, eh?  He finishes work, goes back to urgent care, gets seen and is immediately trucked over to the hospital for tests.  At just after midnight, they decide to operate right away.  In Colorado, I hang up the phone, say a prayer, and buy a plane ticket for the next flight I can get.  Unfortunately, since he's a bit out of the way, the earliest flight isn't until the next afternoon. 

I've been here ever since. 

There are silver linings, though:

#1 -- He's okay.  The surgery was more involved than usual because of the rupture and the infection and the mess, but he's having a miraculous recovery.  He says, "Hi"...


Why yes, he is high as a kite on painkillers, why do you ask?

#2 -- My last day of work will be one week before our wedding.  This is pretty awesome timing, if there is such a thing. 

#3 -- I haven't talked about it here, but I kind of hate my job and it's been tough to stay in a dying industry.  It's good to have a kick in the pants to start something new.

#4 -- It's pretty here, and while all my friends are cooking in 100+ degree weather in Denver, I'm wearing a fleece because 60 degrees is just a touch chilly for me.  I'll take it.


#5 -- I got some knitting done!  More wedding puffs:


And a tiny bit of progress on my scarf.


It was actually way more progress, but when you knit lace on 90 minutes of sleep you end up tinking.  A lot.  Like 15 or so rows of scarf.  It's a bad idea.  Trust me.

**By the time you read this, I'll be back home, heading off to my soon-to-vanish job and worrying about wedding stuff, which is lots more fun than worrying about life and death.  I'll also be visiting all my WIPW peeps because that's fun.  And I deserve some.

**Okay, not so much.  We made it all the way to the airport, but realized he was too woozy to drive himself back to the hotel.  Another flight change, and now I'm going home on Thursday...

ETA:  Sorry peeps, I completely forgot to announce the winner of the book giveaway.  I'll link up to Yarn Along today to make the announcement, even though I forgot to stick a book in my suitcase and this week's reading has been limited to prescription bottles...'s lovely number generator chose comment # 23, left by Kathy B!  Enjoy your book, Kathy!  I'll drop it in the mail this weekend.


  1. When I first started reading your post, I thought oh no what a depressing post this is going to be, BUT I LOVE how you listed all the positives, you are so my kinda girl. I do that I have made an effort to find the positive in every thing negative that happens. I can't wait to read about what your next chapter will bring after the wedding.

  2. Get well soon Mr! I like how you can see the positives, hopefully the job situation will give you the opportunity to find something you really love.

  3. I had a ruptured appendix so I can sympathise with Mr Right. It's not a fun experience, but on the plus side I have a decorative scar right up my belly - who needs tattoos when you have regular surgery?!! I have also experienced the redundancy thing. The good thing about it is that you can be really open about going for interviews and job applications. When I got my notice I sent out loads of letters to companies I respected and wanted to work with and within a week I had 3 interviews set up, and two firm job offers, so I could negotiate terms. Having something to focus your attention on your job search can be an incredibly motivating force and can really make you look long and hard at what you really want to do next in your career. I wish you luck, and Mr Right, plenty of good drugs and a gentle recovery. Tell him to be careful of lifting things like kettles and the like for a few weeks, it's easy to forget you are still stitching together until it's too late!

  4. Oh my goodness! You deserve a time out from the crazy train!!!! Super duper huge amounts of hopes and prayers being lifted up for you.

  5. So happy to hear that Mr. Right is feeling better.

    It sounds like the layoff timing is perfect... of course finishing the old job, looking for a new one and planning a wedding will certainly keep you busy for the next couple of months. ;-)

  6. It might be a language thing, but I guess you haven't lost your humour. Good for you. I wish you luck with 1. the recovery of Mr. Right
    2. the wedding plans
    3. the job situation
    4. anything.
    Keep your ears stiff (not English, I guess)


  7. I feel tired just reading your post. Hope he feels better, and your scarf is looking amazing

  8. Oh dear me! Dr Vanessa suggests a hot bath when you get home and something nice to drink while reading a good book or watching your favorite movie. Stat! Ditto for Mr Right!

    Good luck!

  9. I hope everything will work out for you two! Good luck!!!

  10. Oh my! I am so sorry to hear that all of this general crappyness has come down on your head at once, but you are a strong person and it sounds like you are handling it like a champ. I'm particularly glad to hear that your guy is doing so well, a ruptured appendix can get really serious really fast. It is great that he was able to get seen by capable medical staff in time. Good luck and be sure to take care of yourself too!

  11. Oh my goodness what a stressful time you are having, on top of planning a wedding (stressful!). Glad that your so to be hubby is alright, that's some scary stuff. I hope you are planning a good honeymoon, you two will need it!

  12. I hope the drama is over and done with for the time being. It's good you can see the positive side of things though. It will serve you well if the drama returns.
    I hope Mr Right feels 100% soon:)

  13. Holy jumpin' post, Paula!!! We seriously need to catch up. LOL I'm so sorry about your job, but as you say, it might be the best thing that could happen!! I'm so glad Mr Right is doing better. Wowzers

  14. Oh dear! Sounds like everything's getting "exciting"-- hope everything works out alright-- seems like you have a really positive attitude :)

  15. Hi as a kite on painkillers is HYSTERICAL. I don't seek Chaos either.!!! Peace to you

  16. Oh my, what a load of craziness. *hugs* It sounds like you are keeping a positive attitude and I hope that everything works out smoothly and as best as it can. And wow, what a gorgeous scarf!!!

  17. Oh my Paula, what a week!. I'm so glad Mr. Right is Ok. A ruptured appendix is certainly no joke! I am glad you are trying to look at the positive in your job situation. I know times are tough right now, but I really do believe that golden opportunities can be born out of circumstances we first see as less than ideal.
    I haven't had much time to post but your wedding plans are looking fantastic! I love the puffs! I am so impressed by how organized you are. I can really see how much love and joy your are pouring into this.
    Wishing you a slightly more mundane week next week so you can catch your breath xxx

  18. So glad everyone has their health, and good luck on the next thing! I know layoffs are a pita, but this one sounds like (if it had to happen at all) it couldn't have come at a better time. Sending prosperous thoughts your way...

  19. I'm so glad that the mister is in safe hands and that you're as calm, collected, and positive as always.

  20. Oh my ! Certainly enough drama to keep you going for a good long while ! I'm so glad Mr.Right is OK :-)

  21. YIKES!!! What is it about appendixes that want to rupture when you're away?? My bro-in-law's burst when they were in Germany! Hope things are looking up now.

    Bye-bye to work one week before the wedding? That's super awesome. I wish I had not worked the week before my wedding!!!

  22. Thank goodness that Mr. Right is okay and on the mend. Your positive attitude and humor will see you through the job craziness. In the meantime, try to enjoy the wedding planning. Those wedding hexipuffs are looking great. And the scarf is gorgeous!