Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday v.97

Hey, hey!  It's Wednesday!  Still not a whole lot of time to knit around here, but I did manage to make it to knit night this week (hooray!), and also to squeeze some lunchtime knitting in so there is a tiny bit of progress to report.  Here's how Nympheas looked last week (ps. Better sunlight last week = better colors.  This one's way closer to the acutal):

And here's this week:

Pretty good, all things considered.  I'm still loving knitting this little scarf, but a bit discouraged that it isn't longer.  It doesn't seem like it should take this long to knit up a lacy scarf, does it?  I think having bundled Mr. Right off on his epic business trip yesterday might speed things up a notch or two, but we'll see.

In other news...  We have a wedding date!  It was confirmed on Thursday, and since then we've:

Booked a chapel.  Our church seats about 1000 people, and our wedding will be around 60 so that didn't seem like a great idea.  The church's chapel comfortably holds about 20 so that was out.  They offered us a classroom at the church to get married in but that seemed a little bit depressing.  And so we found the cutest little chapel...

It's adorable, and the perfect size, and the woman who runs it is awesome.  I freaked out (just a smidge) at the price, but then found out how it works.  It includes EVERYTHING for the ceremony.  You got music?  They'll play it (on their lovely surround sound system).  You want music?  They'll supply it.  You have a musician?  They'll set up for him or her.

They supply decorations, including pew bows and flowers in every color imaginable (we're doing ivory), and flowers for the altar and at the entrance.  They'll set it all up, decorate everything, and then take it all down when you're through. 

Oh, and she'll coordinate the ceremony for you too.  This is like my dream come true, and suddenly the fee sounded all kinds of reasonable.  We're in!

Confirmed a date with our pastor.  He's a tough guy to pin down, and usually has a pastor on his staff perform weddings.  But we really wanted him since he's counseled us, and he very kindly agreed.  Yay!

Booked a honeymoon!  We're Costa Rica bound!  The best part is that I had a bajillion or so frequent flyer miles from my last job that I've been saving for a Big Trip.  And this is it!  So we got (very nearly) free plane tickets.  Huzzah!

One of the illustrators I've worked with took her family to Costa Rica a couple of years ago on vacation and told us about this fantastic house they rented.  I'd saved the link, and we've just booked it, too.  It's in the rain forest on the Caribbean side of the country, and just a short walk to the ocean.  It's a bit rustic, but hey!  Jungle!  Ocean!  Monkeys!  I'm totally sold and Mr. Right is a little bit beside himself with glee. 

Registered at Crate & Barrel!  Okay, this is totally silly but I've been waiting pretty much my whole adult life to do that, and it was really, really fun.  I don't even care if any of our guests shops from it, just the act of picking things was a little bit awesome.  Yes, I'm a dork.

In the works this week:  Invitations, Cake, Guest Book,Ccake Topper

Killing me softly because I have NO idea what to do:  Photographer, Music, Flowers.  Suggestions welcome!

Totally cool and unexpected blessing:  Mr. Right's parents have offered to pay for the catering at the reception!  How awesome is that?  We're having a backyard barbecue sort of party with red checked tablecloths and flowers in mason jars.  Also?  Best. Barbecue. Ever.    It's a great gift, and we're both excited about the offer.

Next week, more knitting, less wedding.  Probably.  But maybe not.  In the mean time, please leave ideas for awesome reception songs in the comments, okay?  So far, I have Etta James; At Last, Counting Crows; Accidentally in Love, Johnny Cash; Walk the Line, and a couple of others that escape me at the moment.  Suffice to say, we have pretty eclectic taste.  Whaddaya got for me?

Once you've saved my wedding music, go check out the rest of the WIPW folks.  There's lots o' fabulous crafting going on out there!


  1. It sounds like everything is coming together perfectly. :-)

  2. Congratulations, Paul -- it sounds like you're moving right along.

    For the photographer, I recommend searching on Etsy. You can find people in your area, browse their work, and converse with artists easily. Three of my friends found their wedding photographers this way.

  3. The venue looks amazing, it seems perfect. XD Also your scarf is coming along nicely, I think you have made a ton of progress on it.

  4. Wow! It sounds like a whirlwind of wedding planning! I have no suggestions, other than to make sure you plan time to take care of yourself-- a little bit of pampering and relaxation goes a long way.

    Also, totally jealous of Costa Rica :)

  5. Yay! Everything's coming up you. That's so exciting.

    Because I'm a trivia geek, did you know that Costa Rica (Rich Coast) has no standing military?

  6. EEE! Very exciting! Wedding planning is so much fun. It seems like things are falling into place very nicely! Have you been searching through Pinterest to get ideas on flowers? It's DIY wedding nirvana.

    (I totally geeked out over my C&B registry too! It's so much fun to wander and dream while you create one!)

  7. The scarf's beautiful!! I love the color.

    To add on to Vanessa...Costa Rica has more teachers than soldiers. =) My middle sister LOVES CR; they go there all the time.

    You've gotten a fantastic amount done on the wedding...congrats! The chapel is ADORABLE!!

    My advice on photographer is...have him/her do your engagement pictures, and if you don't like working with him/her...hire someone else. =) You should feel comfortable on your wedding day! Also, you don't need pix after the ceremony with every conceivable permutation of family members. Do one with the parents, then two with EVERYONE on each side (i.e., groom's family pic, bride's family pic) and be done with it!

  8. I love everything about this post: the pretty sweater getting closer to completion, the amazing wedding venue (boo to the classroom space), honeymoon plans to somewhere magical, and great songs as well! I don't have a whole lot of advice to contribute (especially not music as the ex and I were planning an odd mixture of heavy metal and 70's funk) considering I have never been married, but just be sure to have a blast, that is the most important thing.

  9. The scarf looks beautiful!

    Oh what an adorable chapel and it sounds like you're going to have "a dream come true day" :)

    Your description of the place you're going to on your honeymoon in Costa Rica..It sounds SO magical and romantic :)

  10. Pretty scarf. Lacy scarves do take forever! At least it's not a a shawl; then each row would be getting LONGER.

  11. Your scarf is lovely! I can see that is has grown quite a bit - it will go faster as you go along.

    Congratulations on picking a wedding date! How exciting!

  12. The scarf is looking great.
    And so are all the wedding plans!!

    Everything sounds great. My advice is to spend on the photographer but not the flowers. You can get a lot of milage on flowers in the "cheap and cheerful" category. I found a retired florist who just did weddings and even though she was about 100 years old the flowers were incredible. I also bought roses in bulk from Costco for the centrepieces. You can order your colour and quantity and they were gorgeous.

    So, are you going to tell us the date???

  13. That is such a cute chapel!

    What I've learned from doing flowers is to ask people for florist suggestions. We're using silk flowers in water for the reception, so I only have to buy three bouquets. Unless you have someone who likes to arrange flowers or you grow something yourself that would be perfect, I've learned that the stress far outweighs the slight increase in cost for a professional.

    Have fun with the planning!

  14. LOVE your scarf. And the wedding. Flowers in mason jars...that is so sweet and simple and perfect. Good luck.

  15. 1) The chapel is adorable! It is going to be a beautiful setting for your ceremony and well worth the cost.
    2) A honeymoon in Costa Rica? Totally envious! Umm, maybe not about the monkeys but most definitely about everything else!
    3) The backyard barbecue/reception is an awesome idea! Cool, fun and laid kind of party!
    4) As for the music, variety is a good thing! Mixing in some upbeat songs like Love Shack by the b52's or Twist and Shout by the Beatles (anything early Beatles, IMO), with slower songs like Fix You by Coldplay or All I Want Is You by U2 or Chase this Light by Jimmy Eat World. And don't forget ABBA :)

  16. 'The First Time ever I saw your face' is my suggestion, love both Roberta Flack's and Leona Lewis's versions. I love all sorts of different music, but that song just moves me :)

  17. Lovely scarf! Good luck with the rest of the wedding planning :) . Costa Rica is full of amazing places. Not that you are looking for recommendations necessarily, but since you say you'll be staying on the Caribbean side - Tortuguero is fabulous! I spent a week there volunteering with a conservation organisation counting/measuring sea turtles at night, but you can take tours along the beach in the evening to see the turtles nesting. Magical.