Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday v.96

Wednesday already?  Yikes.  This week is zipping by at light speed, likely because Mr. Right leaves on Monday for a Two. Month. Long. business trip.  Can I get a Boo(!!!!!!), please?  Yeesh.  Two months is an insanely long time to be apart, especially when you're trying hard to plan a wedding.

On that front, we very nearly have a venue!  And a caterer!  Now all we really, really need is a date.  We're waiting to hear back from our pastor (hopefully today) about a flurry of dates that will work for us in August and September.  I've got fingers and toes (and pretty much everything else) crossed that one of them will also work for him.  We'll see...

Oh.  Knitting!  Right.  I've still not had a bunch of time to sit and knit, especially because my main project is lace.  As in, "Shhh!  I'm counting!  Talk to me later!" kind of lace.  It's pretty though.  See?

And I'm getting faster and less white-knuckled about it as I get the pattern ground into my wee little brain, so that's a plus.

I've also pulled out some socks that I was making a lifetime ago.  At the time, they were known as the Super Secret Socks, and were intended to be delivered to Mr. Right on the morning of our wedding with a note saying, "In case of cold feet."  Instead, they might've been thrown at his head on the afternoon that he broke up with me (Sorry, honey).  Needless to say, they've been in time out through a year of tears, counseling, hard work, reunions and happy endings beginnings.

And now, since we're actually, really for reals going to get married, they've resurfaced.  They're not a surprise this time (see the flinging-at-the-head business, above), and he's very excited to have them.  Bonus:  They fit him perfectly.  What you see here is actually sock #2, so I should have them finished up after one or two lonely evenings on the couch next week.  Silver linings, right?

For the moment, since he's still here and I can, I'm off to spend some time goofing around with my fiance.  And later, I'll head out to visit all the WIPW blogs for more super awesome craftiness.



  1. I love the lace work, and I'm just the same, "don't talk to me I'm counting!!" The sock story made me laugh, I'll admit. I'm glad things worked out so well, and that the socks fit perfectly!

  2. 2 whole months? wowzer. I will stop moaning about 2 week trips now. poor u. At least youve got lots to keep you busy.
    Socks look fab, despite lack of surprise element.

  3. 2 months?! That sucks :(

    I'm glad the socks will be completed - they have a hell of a story behind them. I don't know if I'd have been able to even look at them again, but the pattern is really lovely and the yarn is gorgeous!

  4. Those socks are perfect for a man. The yarn is lovely. The lace is also coming along really beautifully. Such a pretty thing to make!

  5. Good luck with the wedding planning. And the lace is gorgeous.. I can't wait to see it done.

  6. The lace is just so pretty. Sounds like you'll have plenty of quiet time to count stiches. He'll be back before you know it. :)

  7. 2 Months? Imagine all the knitting you will get done : ) It sounds terribly long but I'm sure your reunion will be worth the wait. We will be here to keep you company! I for one can't wait to hear more about your wedding plans!!
    I love the lace. The colour is so wonderful and the lace looks worth the effort. Gorgeous.
    I love the colour of the socks too. Mr. Right is a lucky guy (even if he does occasionally have to dodge flying knitwear - I hope you didn't drop any stitches!)

  8. it can be very frustrating to be knitting for someone you're fighting with...

    the colors on both your projects are lovely, and good luck getting all your details in a row!

  9. Two months is a long time, but you can do it! Don't forget about Skype, that is a good way of keeping in touch. Glad to hear that the wedding planning is falling into place. I'm sure that those socks will knit up very quickly!

  10. That lace is gorgeous. And the socks are such a sweet idea. I really need to just make a pair for my husband already.

  11. Definitely finish those socks what a testimony they will have!!

  12. Good luck with the wedding planning.
    What a beautiful lace and the "don't talk to me I'm counting" sounds very familiar, only here it's "shh not now ,wait". It has to be short since it's mostly my 6 year old daughter asking about stuff or talking, and I often have to repeat it several times hehe.
    Glad the socks fit perfectly, I love the color

  13. I am not a fan of business trips in general (my husband is gone right now actually) but that long is not cool at all. Add in that you're wedding planning and that really sucks. Enjoy the week/weekend together!!

    Your lace looks awesome. I always have to have a second project going (that is easier) when I have a tough/counting project going, so I can work on something else when I actually need to talk to people. :-)

  14. Actually there is a saying about knitting socks for your boy friend, fiancé ... I will not say it here, but you'd better not knit the socks for him. ;-)

    Good luck!!

  15. A big "Boo" about the two months. But I have to say that you guys don't mess around ... A venue and caterer already?!! Awesome.
    The lace is lovely. Looks so pretty in that gorgeous color. The socks are extra special already, just because of the history behind them. I kind of had a suspicion that they were for Mr. Right when you first posted about them. He is a lucky guy ... socks are so much easier on the head than a camera which is what my boyfriend (now hubby) had flung at him. Ahh, good memories :)

  16. Boo! I hope he's at least going somewhere nice :)

    Your lace looks lovely!

  17. I'm glad the socks are back out of hibernation (I think I'd have thrown them at his head too)! The lace is gorgeous - I use stitch markers a lot to help me keep my place in lace - I cast on my shawl last night and it currently has over 70 stitch markers in it! It's just as well I make my own, lol. Boo to the two months! Hopefully it'll pass quickly in a whirl of busy planning!

  18. You are not kidding - that lace pattern is gorgeous

  19. Beautiful!
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