Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday v.98

Welcome to Crazytown, folks!  Here, it's WIPW, and I'm planning a lightspeed wedding, knitting more than I really should and hosting a giveaway(!) all at the same time!

Let's knock this out one thing at a time, shall we?  I'm still knitting Nympheas.  I still love it, but I'm ready to be done.  Unfortunately, the scarf is not.  Still growing, though...

And still made of super gorgeous yarn.  Not much to complain about here, for sure.

In other news (this is where the crazy comes in), everyone's been asking if I'm knitting for the wedding.  I keep saying, "Not really.  I don't have a ton of time.  I'm finishing Mr. Right's wedding socks, but that's about it."  After the 3rd or 4th time giving this little speech, I started to feel kind of sad.  And so.

There was thinking.  And since we're having our reception in Mr. Right's back yard, there was also yard work.  Then this:

Look!  An apple tree!  Right next to the gate where everyone will come into the party.  Wouldn't it be cute with something hanging on it?  What could I hang?


I had some lovely red yarn left over from my Hedgerow Socks...

and 2 skeins of Koigu that had planned to be a pair of Hedera Socks and were sacrificed without a backward glance since they were exactly the right shade of blue.

Wedding colors!  Must be fate.  They came together like so:

Puffs!  I am hereby declaring that I will make mumbledy dozen red and blue hexipuffs to hang on the apple tree for our wedding reception.  Afterward, I will lovingly stitch them into the blanket, and we'll have a little bit of our wedding in the quilt.  How sappy and sentimental and awesome and crazy is that?
I've made 2 so far (Yeah.  I know).  It turns out that working the heart chart into the puff sort of pulls it out of the usual hex shape, but I'm trying not to worry too much about that.  It doesn't look terrible, right?

Anyway, I think I can work 8 or 10 of them into my beekeeper's quilt, and maybe I'll organize some sort of puff swap with the rest.  Cross y'er fingers for me!

Speaking of wedding (lucky for you guys I'm having a short engagement and you only have to put up with this nonsense for another 2 months or so)...

Last week, I noted the following details that were in process:

Invitations:  Done!  SO Fun!

Cake:  Decided!  Yay!

Cake Topper:  Done!  Amazing!  See?

(This one's not ours, this awesome artist is making one just for us, with red and blue, of course)

Guest Book:  Decided!  Yay!

Then there was this little pile of stuff that I had NO IDEA how to proceed with:

Flowers:  Done! Being gifted to us by the woman who's sort of been my surrogate mom.  She has A Plan.  And excellent taste. I'm SUCH a lucky girl.

Photography:  Done!  Being gifted to us by the same surrogate mom who's enlisted her former professional photographer son to come out and take pictures of our wedding.  Did I mention LUCKY?

Music:  Still in process, but fingers crossed.  (as an aside:  Total # of songs suggested in last week's comments:  0.  Ah well.)

Finally, I'm also hooking up this week to Yarn Along, because I'm reading an actual book (shocking!).  And it's not just any book...

The Infinite Tides was released yesterday.  It was written by my very old and very awesome friend, Christian Kiefer.  I've known Chris since 7th grade, and he's totally hit it out of the park with his first novel.  According to Publisher's Weekly.  And Kirkus Reviews.  And Booklist.

I'm so happy and excited for my friend that I bought 2 copies of his book.  I'm keeping one of them for ever and ever.  And I'm giving the other one away (to you?)!  To enter, just leave a comment on this entry.  The giveaway is open until 8pm Colorado time, next Tuesday, June 26.  I'll happily ship anywhere in the whole wide world.  Easy peasy!  If you win, and you love the book, I hope you'll give it a little mention on your blog. 

S'all for me this week!  Must. Knit. Puffs!!!


  1. Oh, I love the idea of the puffs in the trees and then in your blanket - how wonderfully romantic and sentimental :) Such a cute idea!

  2. I LOVE the puffs. In fact after resisting so determinedly since hexi madness took over the blogosphere, I can feel my resistance crumbling. I think it because I have been using sock yarn so much lately and I have tonnes of it left over and don't know what to do with it..... hexi-puffs really seem the only the way to go.

    LOVE the cake topper by the way. I love that you are getting an artist to make something for you. I love supporting other crafters.

    And it is brilliant that you know somebody who wrote a GOOD book. It would be awful if it were dreadful!

  3. Completely feel the same way about the hexi puffs as Stitched Together. Love them !! resistance is crumbling.... The scarf is lovely too. I'd like to check the book out.

    on a side note, could your profile photo be any more beautiful? the mountains. amazing.

  4. I love the puffs! And just because they're not in the hexi shape doesn't mean you can't stitch them to *make* them be that way :)

  5. Beautiful scarf...lovely pattern and yarn. I bet it will be a favourite.

  6. Your wedding is just going to be the most amazing day! Everything is falling into place so perfectly too. Also, that scarf is just so beautiful!

  7. Your puffs are adorable and they will look fabulous on your apple tree.

  8. Oh, I love your idea of making puffs for the reception and then putting them into a quilt! And the bird toppers look amazing even in black and white. Red and blue will be gorgeous!
    The scarf is looking really nice, too. My WiP at the moment is also a lace scarf: I'm just reaching the middle and am getting really impatient with it, but it's nice almost mindless knitting by now, so it still grows, too.

  9. Here's my entry for the book giveaway. I love trying to win stuff!. The cake toppers look awesome, I like different & unique things like that.

  10. Love the idea of the puffs at the wedding, then going into the blanket!

  11. WOW. I love the puffs and however mumblety puffs you finish will be just the right amount! What an awesome idea.

    The scarf is also really beautiful so far.

  12. I love the idea for your puffs! But somehow I feel like it's better you than me making the mumblety dozen of them.

  13. That scarf is lovely - it might seem endless to you (scarves and blankets almost always do to me) but it's going to be totally worth the effort.

    Cute hexipuff idea. Of course you could go one further and distribute them to the guests with little tags to write some special little thought and then the guests could hang them on the tree as they arrive. Too over the top?

  14. The apple tree will look so nice with the hexipuffs.

  15. You're puffs are awesome. I'm sure everything will come together for you.

  16. Your scarf is beautiful and the decorations turned heirloom, terrific!

  17. Love the hexipuffs! And the cake topper is awesome.

  18. Beautiful scarf - Pretty Yarn and delicate pattern.
    Lovely little puffs.
    Enjoy the planning.

  19. What a lovely cake topper.
    I think the apple tree will look very beautiful with the puffs :)

  20. I'm so glad you commented on my blog so that I could find YOU! I love the hexipuffs you knit and plan to hang from your apple tree to honor your wedding/marriage. Sounds like your planning is going really, really well. Enjoy every minute. Thanks, too, for the giveaway!

  21. That yarn is gorgeous! Like the ocean.

  22. LOVE your wedding hexi idea. SO SO CUTE.

    I'd love to win the book.

  23. you are so lovely, and your wedding sounds like it's going to be perfect. i completely love the idea of the knitted puffs in the tree and then in your quilt, that is the most romantic idea ever. this is such a special time for you and your husband to be, i hope you enjoy every bit of it. and since my daughter is going to be married too in three months, i'll be following along here, for inspiration!

    your scarf is gorgeous too, the color is exquisite. and congratulations to your friend! authoring a book is a huge accomplishment! i would love to read it.
    :) lori

  24. The scarf is amazing looking, but those hexipuffs stole my heart! And made me a little teary eyed. They are going to look so sweet on the apple tree and in your future quilt. You are really on a roll with the wedding plans. Totally loving the cake toppers and your choice of wedding colors. Any plans for The Dress yet?

  25. Love your puffs idea! That will be adorable! And I really like your cake toppers too! I say put the scarf away for a bit if you're not into it (although it is gorgeous)!