Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday v.77

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  I'm ecstatic to report that there's not much on the needles around here this week, since Lorna Suzanne is done (!) and swimming around in a sink full of Soak as we speak.  If I can find some buttons, I'll be all ready to share on Friday.  Eep!  I'm so excited.  This one will definitely be a great candidate for one of those Blocking:  Before and After photos (I hope), because it was looking seriously rough when it went into the bath.  The collar was curled, the hem was flipped, the lace was scrunched.  It was not pretty.  Keep your fingers crossed!

In other news, the Duckie sock has been feeling some love this week when I wasn't working like mad to finish up the sweater.  We have heel turn, folks:

I'm still madly in love with this yarn, and convinced that I need to try the fingering weight version.  It's a dream to knit with, the colors are gorgeous (and much more muted than in this stinky pic) and it feels amazing in my hands.  Love.

The mitten has been utterly neglected this week in my push to finish the sweater.  Since it was not the sweater, and not a portable project, it got back-burnered in a big way.  I've pulled it out again today though and here's how it looks now, just having started the thumb gusset. 

More love for the mitten this week, I promise!

That's it for stuff on the needles, but happily I now have some more stuff next to the needles.  Do y'all know about The Loopy Ewe?  They're an online seller of loads of incredible yarns, and (I think, but don't quote me on this) one of the only places in the US where you can buy the yarn snob's holy grail:   Woolmeise.  Until very recently, they were based in St. Louis, with a small store front where local folks could come in and shop.

As luck would have it, they just packed it all up and moved to Colorado!  What're the odds?  Anyway, they opened on Thursday and I had to wait all the way until Saturday to make the 80 mile drive north to go visit.  And it was awesome!  So much gorgeous yarn, and so beautifully organized, and such friendly people that I lost my mind just a tiny bit.

Say hello to my new friend Madelinetosh (Tosh Sock) in Calligraphy.

It doesn't photograph so well in crappy light, but it is beyond beautiful.  Sigh.

I also made friends with Stonehedge Fiber Mill Shepherd's Wool in Sage.  Four times.

I can't begin to describe how soft this yarn is, and I love, love, love this color.  A quick peek at the Ravelry comments tells me that some folks have had trouble with it pilling, but I have high hopes regardless.  It's set aside for Narragansett.

If I weren't getting ready to go to Stitches West, I'd have lost my head some more, but I'm practicing restraint.  In case you're not in the mood to practice restraint, I've installed a little Loopy Ewe button over there on the right and you can click over and see what all the fuss is about.  I gotta say, I'm pretty smitten.  I even joined up and became a Loopy Groupie

That's all for this week, I'm getting ready to dive into a few little projects for my swap partner in the next couple of days so we'll all have something shiny and new to look forward to next time.  Whee!  Until then, you can content yourself with checking out the amazing projects that are happening on the rest of the WIPW pages.


  1. Congratulations on getting your cardigan finished, I look forward to seeing it on Friday. And pretty squishy new yarn!

  2. Great projects you have on the go this week. Serious yarn envy going on over here..................

  3. Congrats on finishing, looking forward to seeing the before and after blocking pictures!

    The madelinetosh yarn is so gorgeous, I love the colour :)

  4. Got my fingers crossed for blocking-and-button-finding luck for the Lorna Suzanne! Blocking seems both a little scary and a lot like magic to me, I can't wait to see photos of the process for this sweater!

    Also, let's have a Blue Moon Socks That Rock High-Five. I have a skein of that that I have a slightly-hibernating project with, and concur completely about its utter amazingness. It feels so good to work with. <3

    And your Loopy Ewe purchases? Gorgeous. (And so enviable.)

  5. Congratulations on the finish. Wow fantastic yarn! Great projects for this week!

  6. Woah! You have so many projects on the needles right now. I'm impressed! I cannot wait to see the before/after photos too, I'm a huge fan of those.

  7. The official grand opening for the Loopy Ewe is this coming Saturday... I plan on being there. :-)

    I really like your socks.

  8. Seem like there are quite a few WIP posts that are hinting at FOs on Friday. So exciting.

  9. The sock is looking great! Can't wait to see the sweater. My fingers and toes are firmly crossed - here's hoping blocking does its usual magic!

  10. I can't wait to see Lorna Suzanne! The sock is pretty too. I'm envious of your new proximity to The Loopy Ewe. What fun stash enhancement! BTW, I'll be at Stitches too. Maybe we can say Hi sometime. : )

  11. I have the yarn for Peerie Flooers sitting shouting at me, every single project I see I fall in love with, cant wait to see them finished!

  12. The projects are looking lovely. The mittens will be gorgeous. You could try to knit the sage yarn at a tight gauge to prevent some pilling. But then it might not give the drape you want.

  13. Oh my, I am jealous of your new yarny friends. I'm so excited to see the finished and freshly blocked Lorna Suzanne!

  14. Yay on finishing the sweater! I can't wait to see it. So jealous of your being within driving distance to the Loopy Ewe. I have ordered from them in the past and can vouch for their awesomeness. What beautiful additions to your stash.

  15. Oooo, mitten looking so cute!

    I love Love LOVE Shepherd's Wool. It's crazy how soft (and affordable) it is. I have a hat made of it and am working on a scarf, so I can't speak to the pilling. But mmmmm.... It's very bad that I now know Loopy Ewe carries it. Very. BAD.