Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Tale of Two Bottles

Once upon a time (a week ago Wednesday, to be exact)...

There was a girl who was trying to power through a cold she was gifted by her generous boyfriend.  Determined to function as normally as possible, the very smart girl had been taking Dayquil before bed to ease the sniffles without the Nyquil hangover.

But alas, on Tuesday night, the sniffles were too much for the Dayquil, and a tiny shot of Nyquil was required.  The girl awoke on Wednesday morning, ten minutes late and in a cold medicine fog.  Rushing around to get ready for work, she grabbed the cold medicine bottle from the counter...

(You see where this is going, don't you?)

And took a giant glug of Dayquil while she was brushing her hair.  Except that it wasn't Dayquil at all.  It was the Evil Nyquil that had been left on the counter the night before. 

The dumb, slow-witted girl quickly grabbed the daytime cold medicine and took a shot of that too, before realizing it would do no good.

Broken and beaten (and also nicely warm and fuzzy-feeling), the girl stumbled to work and spent the longest day of her life, which included 3 Diet Cokes, 2 double shot lattes, innumerable trips to the bathroom and a few head-on-desk catnaps.  Her day did not include any knitting at all, for fear that the foggy head would send her back to the frog pond of doom.  It was not a good day.  But when it ended, the cold had been banished (due to excessive doses of cold medicine), and after a long, long sleep the girl was back to her very smart self.

The morals of the story (in no particular order):

Waking up before getting up is wise.
Orange in the morning, red at night or just give up the fight.
Caffeine is your friend.


  1. Ooops ;)

    Interestingly, caffeine is not my friend - it makes me fall asleep! Bizarre, I know ;)

  2. Oh dear. I did something similar with my painkillers. I took the wrong one as it looked exactly the same as the same as the one I should have done. After that I started using a pill box with slots for each dose. I'm not making that mistake again!

  3. ummmm, I'm glad your cold is gone ; ) Welcome back smart girl! Now, get off the computer and go get some buttons for that cardi so we can see it on Friday : ) xxx

  4. ROTFL!!!! "Orange in the morning, red at night or just give up the fight." Love it. I actually take 1/3 a dose of NyQuil, or I'm out for the whole next day. Sometimes even 1/4!! 1/2 if I'm going to stay home the next day. And sleep for 12 hours.

    Glad you're feeling better!

  5. Your story is one that we are all familiar with. I'm so impressed that you got through the entire day! I would have passed out before leaving the house!

  6. Yikes! At least you got through it, yay for caffeine! Glad you're feeling better now :)

  7. Oh my goodness!!! Have you ever heard Denis Leary's bit about NyQuil? He said it should be renamed the "knock you out on the kitchen floor" medicine! Glad you survived and I hope you are feeling much better!!!