Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday v.75

After last Friday's adventure in an abandoned mine, we now return to our regularly scheduled WIPW programming.

I gotta say, I had so much fun knitting that Peerie Flooers hat, and I was soooo excited to start the mittens.  And folks, it just isn't going well.  Case in point:


Remember this picture from last week?  I snapped it and proudly proclaimed the cuff to finally be finished.  Yeah, not so much.  I started reading the next section of the pattern which said something like, "Now join the oatmeal colored yarn."  And I said out loud, "Oatmeal colored yarn?  I'm already knitting with the ...   ...   Oh.  Crap."  That's right.  Half of that ribbing was supposed to be done with light blue, and I totally just didn't make that switch.  Off to the frog pond, again.

(Many) Hours later, it looks like this:


Not much different, but I assure you there was LOTS of work involved in getting there.  This time, the cuff really is done, the ends are woven, and I've attached the cuff lining to the mitten, joined the freaking oatmeal colored yarn, and started working up from there, with lots of help from my knit night buddies.

Attaching the cuff was a fiddly process, for sure.  But I'm over the hump now, and promising to keep the chart close by as I dive into the body of the mitten.  Say a little prayer for me.

Lorna Suzanne, on the other hand is a much better behaved project.


I had some math trouble with the neckline cast off, but I fudged it just a bit and it turned out great.  Next up is picking up stitches for the collar.  Yay!  I also tried it on a couple of days ago, and while the sleeves are a bit tight, it's nothing a good blocking won't fix, and the rest of it fits pretty darn well.  Phew!

In other news, we went 4-wheeling with a bunch of folks in the snow on Sunday, which was a lot of fun.  Also, pretty:




And, since I am a smart girl, I always take a knitting project with me for those times when we drive half a mile and then 3 trucks get stuck so we sit for an hour.  Unfortunately, the sweater was too big to bring, and the mitten was too fiddly (fair isle in the cab of a truck?  no thanks), so I had no choice but to cast on a new sock that would be just right. You can call me Goldilocks.

I had some Socks That Rock in Motley Hue that's been languishing in the old sock stash for ages.

Picture 229

I was so smitten with the colorway when I bought it that I didn't realize it was sport weight yarn and not fingering.  Oops.  Last week, I finally found a (free!) sock pattern that calls for sport weight sock yarn, and now my Duckies are on the way.


This is a fun little pattern, and I gotta say, I'm wowed at how fast this thicker yarn works up.  It's amazing!

Finally, in case you're part of the Blog Hub Group on Ravelry and haven't already seen it -- There's a swap looming!  I totally signed up, and you should too.  It's going to be a blast, and I'd especially love to send fun little packages to one of you.  So go sign up.  I'll wait.

Okay, good job.  Normally, I'd tell you to go check out everyone else's WIPW entries, but I figure I've been bossy enough already today.


  1. So much in this post!
    I'm sorry about your mitten trouble. Bleh. It will be worth it though. Your hat is so gorgeous I can only imagine that your mittens will be too.

    Holy cow. Your sweater is looking a-mazing!

    Love the Socks that Rock colourway. I peaked at the pattern. I think it going to be a great fit.

    Thanks for the beautiful shots of your adventures! I cannot get over how awesome that moon pic is.

  2. Woah, you've got a lot cast on right now, but are somehow managing to work on all of them. But then again, knitting in the car always goes faster for some reason.

  3. Sounds like those mittens have been troublesome! Hopefully it'll all be plain sailing from now on!

    The cardigan looks beautiful :)

  4. So annoying when you misread pattern instructions and keep going down the wrong path! I've done it many times... On the plus side, the mittens look great! Love the cardigan too. Those lace panels are gorgeous. And I'm totally in love with that sock yarn. It is stunning!

  5. Wow I just love the cardigan. It is such a pretty color. Sorry about your mitten troubles. Hope it is only up hill from here. :)

  6. Sending you better knitting mojo for the mittens and socks and sweater. Good luck! I've also signed up for the swap. I'm so excited for it.

  7. oh my goodness you have been so busy! I love your cardigan, it is so pretty! Hope the mittens start behaving and your socks don't get any ideas about misbehaving too!

  8. Those peerie flooers patterns are so pretty - can't wait to see your mittens knit up!

  9. you really are hilarious.
    Those mittens will definitely be worth all the hard work. And by the look of the weather you will need them. It's surprisingly mild at the moment here in good old Blighty.
    That cardigan is looking FAB!

    Have a good week chick

  10. I can't believe you had to frog all that work! Both versions look great though! And I also can't believe all your snow! We're set to get our first big batch tomorrow, but today it is a crazy 50 degrees and I am spending as much of it as possible outside!

  11. Everything looks great, well, except maybe the snow. We haven't had much since October and I hope it stays that way.

  12. Sorry that the mitten cuff was a problem. Your fix looks terrific. The Duckies pattern will look great in that yarn.

  13. Your sweater is looking amazing! Hope that makes up for having to rip back the cuff on your mittens. Thanks for the info on the swap!

  14. I love the colors on the mittens!

  15. The sweater (and your scenery photos) are gorgeous. It will be so gratifying when you finish the collar and get to wear it! The mittens are so cute. Bummer about the frogging, but just like the hat, it will all be worth it!

  16. I think the mittens are gorgeous! Definitely worth the pain of ripping out. :)