Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Blog Hub Swap -- Day 2!

I gotta say, I could totally get used to opening a new present every day that was specially chosen by someone who'd been researching all my likes and loves.  It's pretty fun.

This morning (and with a little help from Mr. Right), from the wondrous pile-o-shiny presents, I chose this:

Medium-sized and slightly squishy.  Perfect!  I was blown away when I opened it up.

It's a handmade project bag!  She was even kind (and sneaky!) enough to line it with fabric that I'd mentioned I liked in a comment on her blog. 

 I'm in love!  It's the perfect size, and totally adorable.  And did I mention that it has a pocket?  It does!  With a zipper, even. 

 I'm terribly impressed with Chrissy's mad sewing skillz.  Because really, I couldn't make a pocket with a zipper if my life depended on it.  And now I don't have to!  Yippee!

Oh, and get this:  Inside the pocket?  These.

Yep.  Handmade stitch markers.  AWESOME!  Clearly my partner is some sort of superstar swapper and I am one seriously lucky girl.  I can hardly wait until tomorrow to see what day 3 brings.  But I will.  (Am I the only one around here who's totally impressed with my restraint?)

See you then!

PS. I mailed my package out today!  Woot!  It's winging its way to... well, somewhere... even as we speak.  So exciting!


  1. I'm so pleased you have opened this. It means I can blog about the make! Glad you like it. I think I might make myself one to this particular pattern as I am pleased with how it turned out. I must make a note of how it was made before I forget and have to make it up again!

  2. Wow! The project bag looks great. The zippered pouch is a great idea for all the knitting "bits" that need to accompany a project. I love the stitch markers too. So lovely!

  3. You are a lucky swap participant! The bag even had a zipper? She's a pro!

  4. wow. another fantastic gift.
    quite jealous.

  5. That bag is so pretty, such a lovely color too; Chrissy is very accomplished :-)

  6. That bag is awesome!!! You have a good partner indeed.

  7. That really is fantastic, you are very lucky indeed!

  8. Ok, it's a stitch marker kinds of swappy day - those stitch markers are also super. And between the markers and the bag, you're all decked out in wonderful purple. :)

  9. Love your bag! SO special!! That is such a great gift!