Friday, April 22, 2011

FO Friday - The Repeat Edition

As you may remember, llast Friday, I scurried around like a crazy person and managed to just barely pull the Super Secret Citron off the needles in time for FO Friday.  Phew!  It was a close one.  I managed just a couple of badly lit pictures from the brightest part of the house, since the sun had long since set. 

So I decided that this merited me a do-over with new pictures, taken during some sort of daylight, and after a light blocking.  Which pretty much brings us to the here and now.

I was afraid of losing the ruching in the Citron, so I wanted to be super careful about blocking it.  I thought through a couple of different options, but in the end, I wound up pinning it gently around the edges and spraying it (just the ruffle and the garter edge) with a little bit of soak diluted with water.  I sprayed it until it was pretty damp, then left it til the next day.  I have to say, it worked really well.  Ruching is  still intact, and there's nary a curled ruffle in sight.  Success!  See?

It's all kinds of windy here this evening (Hi.  Still Thursday here. Totally cheating.), so I had limited options for taking advantage of the light.  Though I did manage one fence shot that's pretty close to the actual color...
... even if it is a little wind-flappy.  I have to say, I would knit this again in a heartbeat, and I'm not a girl who ever knits something more than once.  It was fun, and easy, and fast, and just generally lovely.  I miss it already...

But Snoopy is helping ease the pain at the moment.  He's so stinking cute.  I only have 20 or so rows to go, so I'd best figure out what's next.  I have 3 whole days off stretched out ahead of me!  Must take advantage!

Happy Easter, everyone!


  1. Happy Easter to you, too!

    Holy crap, it turned out amazing!!!!!!!!! It's stunning. It makes me want to learn how to knit one, even though I'm not the type of person who would really use it.

  2. That is really a very pretty shawl!

  3. It's fabulous....turned out soooooo well. Love the color. I've been wanting to make one of these for a while now, but.....that's as far as I've gotten. lol

  4. Still absolutely beautiful. :) Love the second shot, it shows the color and the see-through-ness awesomely.

  5. Oh, I love it! I'm glad the careful-blocking worked and the gorgeous, gorgeous ruffle is preserved. I wish I could reach into the screen and drape this around my shoulders right now.

    I hope you find a new project that's just as amazing to make your holiday weekend fluffier and warmer. :)

  6. Oh thats lovely!! I bet it looks even better in person!!

  7. That shot on the rocks is absolutely stunning. I absolutely blame you for Citron moving wayyyyy up in my queue.

  8. Wow! It is just gorgeous... love the pics!

  9. It's stunning out in the sun!! I'm very tempted to knit one after seeing yours.

  10. I love the citron. The color is fabulous too.

    Happy Easter!