Friday, April 29, 2011

FO Friday -- Joe Cool Edition

Just flew back from KC, where I had a pretty decent day and a half.  I'd have called it good until I inadvertently poured my diet coke into my work bag (with my knitting) on the plane on the way home.  Sigh.  Some of my notes are looking a little less than pristine at the moment, but I was able to rescue both yarn and sock chunk without any damage.  Phew! 

And, as it happens, I've arrived just in time to participate in FO Friday (that's 3 in a row for me - a personal best!).  It turns out that there are lots of pluses to knitting dish cloths.  In no particular order...

They're super functional.
They're a quick and satisfying knit.
I get to play along with FO Friday more often when I knit small stuff.
Oh, and they're pretty stinkin' cute...

Pretty awesome.  In my fantasy world, I'll knit enough of these to keep in the kitchen so we'll cut our paper towel usage by something like 80 or 90%.  I'd say completely, but let's face it -- I'm not going to pick up dog barf with a hand-knit washcloth, nor am I going to use it to drain bacon.  I'm sure there are more things that are classified as paper-towel-only jobs in my brain, but those are the two that pop to mind right off.  We'll see how that goal plays out over the next few months.

I'm also a little bit in awe of the amazing designs that are out there.  My personal favorite dish cloth designer is Faerwear (who's also on Ravelry).  I could totally knit a blanket out of those squares.  But really, somewhere out there, there's a dish cloth design for just about anything.  Must explore more.

Thus ends the dish cloth treatise.  Are you a believer?

Happy Weekend, y'all!

ps. The Snoopy Dish cloth pattern is free here, and I knitted it up with Sugar and Cream cotton yarn, in case that's the sort of stuff that keeps you awake at night.


  1. It's a cute washcloth. I have just discovered the joys of knitting washcloths. They are a quick and simple knit. I love it. XD

  2. So adorable! I've been wanting to make one of these!

  3. YAY for dishcloths! I've made a few now, and love them for the reasons you listed. We use a lot of paper towels in my house and would love to not go through as many as we do, too. Still working on that though. I mean, would you use one to bleach the counters or mop up raw chicken juice? I'm just not sure. It would be weird.

    I have a bunch of patterns saved of Mario Bros dishcloths that I'm going to make and put together in a large blanket for Kurt (as a surprise, so I will only be able to work on them when he's not here, so it's going to be awhile). I even have quite a bit of the yarn to do it already!

  4. Yikes, I'm glad the yarn and sock-chunk escaped the soda safely! And that dishcloth is awesome. I love me some Snoopy, so it makes me really happy in general, and I like the colour and border, too. :)

  5. Super cute dishcloth! I usually crochet mine because it's faster, but I love using them.

  6. Coke in the bag = heart stopping! I would be so panicked!

    That dishcloth is so cute! I've made a few - the darlek one was my favourite.

  7. I'm just glad that I'm not the only one who does things like spilling soda into the work & knitting bag.

    Excellent dishcloth - Snoopy is always good for a smile, isn't he?

  8. well, you may have just gotten me on the dishcloth bandwaggon. My Aunt made me a few and I love them, but I didn't know about using them for everything either. But they are quite nice and handy (and washable). My goal is to try and get my family down to 2 bags of garbage a week, so that would be a help in lessening our papertowel addictions. :) I am guessing that cotton is the preferred yarn for these guys?

  9. Pattern link is no longer active. Help!