Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Work In Progress Wednesday v.10 (!)

I don't know what's more surprising -- that we're already at week 10 of WIPW, that I haven't missed one yet, or that I'm still working on the same blinking sweater that I was when this whole collection of craftiness started.  I'm going to go with option C.

Don't get me wrong, I really do love Mr. Right.  And I'm so happy to be knitting a sweater for a recipient who's super worthy, and who gets excited about every smidge of progress I make.  But I'm pretty much done with olive green yarn and stockinette stitch at this point.  Really, really done.  The good news is that I'm almost (actually) done.

Let's have a little 10 week recap, shall we?  Here's what Mr. Right's Avast looked like on week 1 of WIPW...

Nothing more than a 40-odd inch long cabled band with stitches picked up along one edge.  I love that it laid out in a heart shape, by the way. 

And now, a whole season and 6+ skeins later, here's the latest...

Pretty good, right?  I just have a couple more rows of collar to go (I'll finish that tonight), then all that's left is knitting the hem around the bottom, the zipper casings on the fronts and seaming the sleeves.  That's not so much, right?  I should be able to get most of that done in a week (Please, God... let me be able to get it done in a week...).

And then we'll all have something shiny and new to look at on Wednesdays.  And none of us are more excited than me.  Promise.

Since we're done here, run over to Tami's blog and check out all the other WIPW folks.  And while you're there, tell Tami how cute her crocheted socks are.  Because they are seriously cute.

Now, if you'll excuse me I have a very cute boy who's taking me out to dinner.  We're celebrating because I just passed (with flying colors) a medical test I was fairly sure I was going to flunk big time.  Yay for being healthy!!


  1. Congrats on passing the test. Great job on the sweater. I understand your being quite sick of it, I've knitted xxl sweaters.

  2. Looking good indeed! Now, I can hardly wait to see the finished item (probably not as much as you)!

    Congrats on being healthy - yay!

  3. Hang in there...oh so close!

  4. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! Always good to pass something you thought you would fail. LOL

    Wow, that sweater is turning out amazing. I can see why he's so excited. I love it!

    Thanks for the blog and sock mention! :)