Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Night Fever

We've been out and about for the last several Saturdays, either goofing off (fun), running errands (less fun) or, in the case of last Saturday, fixing my fence (way, way not fun).  Regardless, I haven't been able to participate in Sepia Saturday for a while and I've been missing it.  Mostly because a few weeks ago, I found this:

There's an album in my pile which, from the looks of it, whas put together some time in the 60s by my Grandma Ruby Day for my dad.  It's an odd mixture of his baby pictures, his grandparents on both sides and his children.  Some are marked, but most, like this one, aren't. What a shame.  I think, judging from other photos, that the gentleman with the worried look on his face (2nd from left) might be my great-grandfather.  Here's hoping he was a really good bluffer and that his hand isn't quite as bad as his face makes it look.

Regardless, I love this shot -- the liquor strewn over the table, the tipped hand that you can see belonging to the guy who's been cut out of the picture, the utter concentration.  It's all pretty much awesome.  This is what I expect your typical Saturday night might've looked like in Kansas farm country way back when (1910 or so?).  If anyone can better place the period based on the clothing or scenery, I'd love to hear about it.

Party on!

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  1. What a great photo. I love the hats & the pipes. Looks like they're having a grand time : )