Monday, August 30, 2010

Mystery #4 Updated

Really, I meant to post this all weekend, but was too busy having fun with Mr. Right (before he left town again this morning - sigh) to spend much time online.  Last week, I finally tracked down the DEA agent featured in Mystery #4.  Remember him?  He's no longer with the DEA, but working in the private sector in a high profile job (high profile enough that I was able to leave a voice mail for his secretary, which he returned within the hour.  Stellar guy, really.  He remembered corresponding with my mom, but didn't remember sending her my grandparents' marriage certificate.  I scanned everything, (his letter, the picture, the document) and emailed it to him.  He emailed back the next morning with his cell phone number (really, super stellar guy). 

It turns out that my grandparents, these folks here, were not married in Columbia.  They were, instead, married in Mexico.  And the DEA agent in question did not mail my mother the marriage certificate.  Instead, she stuffed it into the envelope.  This is still pretty weird -- why did my grandparents get married in Mexico?  They were NOT globetrotters, and as far as I knew trotted farther than Phoenix (from Southern California) a total of once for a vacation in Hawaii.  Also weird, how did my mom come to be pen pals with a DEA agent in South America?  I'm thinking of asking him this, but he's been so nice I don't want to seem like I'm accusing him of anything.  It's just a curiosity, you know?  We'll see if I can work my courage up this week.  I also want to ping cousin #2 and see if she remembers anything about why my grandparents ran away to get married.  At least Grandpa wasn't some sort of drug king pin.  That's a relief...

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