Tuesday, August 10, 2010

And away we go!

Hi.   Welcome to my little slice of blog-o-sphere.  This is me:

Actually, it's me and my mom.  And it was a really, really long time ago.  Mom let me pick out my own glasses, which I chose because they were blue (and sparkly!), and they looked like hers.  I wish you could see the blue and sparkly part.  It would make it a lot easier to understand my fashion sense.  Did I mention that I was 4?

Anyway, that's my mom.  As her only kid, I thought I knew everything about her.  And when she died, I discovered that I was mistaken.  Seriously mistaken.  She's the source of several of the family mysteries I'm planning to dig through here.  And believe me, there are some humdingers. (She had how many husbands?)  Hopefully, I'll get to know her a little bit better in the process.  More on that later...

 More recently, I've discovered that I'm an obsessive knitter.  It was all nice and recreational -- a hat here, a scarf there -- until I found Ravelry at the beginning of this year.  After that all bets were off.  If you knit, and don't know what a ravelry is, run over there and register.  It'll blow your mind.  Now, I knit every day.  I have a list of projects as long as my arm and it's all I can do to keep it from growing on a daily basis.  Really, what I'd like to do is quit my job and take up knitting full-time.  It's just that pesky salary business that keeps getting in the way.  Ah well.

Here's a peek at my latest accomplishment.  It's a hat for me, and was a pretty fun knit.  The flower is crochet, which was less fun, mainly because I don't quite know how to crochet.  Still, I think it turned out pretty well..

The pattern is Virna, and my project page is here (both are ravelry links that require registration). 

Oh, and one small caveat:  I've really got absolutely no idea what I'm doing here, so hang in there with me while I fumble around in the dark for a bit.  It'll get better.  I'm almost sure of it.


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  1. Hi ... I just started my blog a couple weeks ago. It gets easier, and funner! Good start!