Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday v.102

Hi again!  Still here.  Still utterly drowning in wedding prep at this point.  It's (already!) WIPW again, and I've been so busy this week that the sum total of my knitting progress amounts to a couple more puffs.  Not much exciting to see here.

I'm totally consumed at the moment by studying for my scuba diving class this weekend.  I'm about 80% of the way through section 4 of 6 on the study and have tomorrow night and Thursday night to go.  It's gonna be a close one, folks.  We really want to dive on our honeymoon, and I'm super excited to learn how to do it.  I just wish I had 30 or so hours in a day for the next few weeks.  Can anyone swing that for me?  I'd be eternally grateful, and would probably even bake you some cookies with all my extra time.  Pretty good offer, no?

Since I have nothing of interest to show you knitting-wise, I'll attempt to distract you with pretty pictures of wedding stuff.  Smoke and mirrors, guys.  That's what I've got to offer this week.

Look! Our cake topper finally arrived!  It's even better than I could've hoped for!

It all started with a pretty box with a few amazingly cute postcards...

And inside...

White paper fluffy stuff!  Awesome!

And underneath the fluffy stuff, these guys!

I know.  I about died from the cute myself.  The lovely and talented Ann Wood made them just for us, using exactly our wedding colors that I sent to her via a couple of web links.  And they're perfect!

Check out the boutonniere on his lapel!

And the flower on her fascinator (which isn't blurry at all in real life -- sorry)!

I'm smitten.  This was my one big splurge for the wedding, where I just flat out bought what I wanted with no regard for the price.  I'm so glad I did.  It was worth every penny, and Ann is an absolute dream to work with.  I can't recommend her enough.  Love.

In other news, I want to make a bunting for the wedding.  I didn't know it was called a bunting until recently, but there you go.  In case you're like me, a bunting is a string of those little triangle-shaped flags you hang up for party decorations.  They're even on our invitations.  Like so...

So, ignoring the fact that I have no idea how to make one of these, and also the fact that I have no idea how to sew, I went out last week and bought the most adorable fabrics in red and blue to make a bunting! 

Later, I'll worry about how to turn this pile into something decorative and useful.  For now, I'm just going to stare fondly at it because it's so pretty.  And I'm going to memorize dive tables.  They're less pretty, but lots more urgent at the moment.

What are you going to do?


  1. Love the cake toppers, sometimes you absolutely have to treat yourself to the thing you want regardless of cost ;)

    I think there are some pretty good tutorials online for making bunting - the fabrics are so cute.

  2. Awww cake toppers are too cute!! So gorgeous!

    Fabrics you chose for bunting are beautiful - I love this colour scheme :-)

  3. WOW the little birds are so cute and so original they are going to look fantastic on top of the cake and a beautiful momento from what is going to be a spectacular day.

  4. so cute!! I may have a few imaginary hours I can send you. :)

  5. Everything looks gorgeous. I love your colours. For the first time ever, I'm regretting not having cake toppers (they would have made my mum so happy). Your little birds are absolutely to die for. There are heaps of bunting ideas and tutorials on pinterest.

    We are in an area right now with lots of shipwrecks and it's got my husband talking about learning to scuba. I have done lots of snorkelling but am intimidated by diving. I can't wait to hear what you think of it on your honeymoon. Because you will pass your test. I just know it. Stop reading this and go study : )

  6. I think that might be the best cake topper ever. Soooo cute!

  7. Oh how fun! Those toppers are just so darn cute! And they will be a great addition to your decor after the wedding. How adorable!

  8. The love birds are adorable and will look so cute atop your cake.

  9. Ooooh scuba has always intimidated me a bit, it's awesome that you're going to dive (hah!) right on for your honeymoon. That fabric is perfect and not having ever sewn anything before, how hard can some triangles be? Can't wait to see!

  10. This is what happens when I accidentally drop out of blogworld for a while---I miss both the finish of your (amazing, just as lovely as it was all along, yay!) Naragansett sweater and the start of the Wedding Planning Bonanza. Those bird toppers are the best kind of splurge ever, I think, they're wonderful and will be such a unique and lovely keepsake.

    I love your bunting fabrics, too---and will be keeping my fingers crossed that the actual bunting-making goes well! I'm sure there are tons of awesome tutorials around, since bunting (with good reason) seems to be quite the Thing.

    (Also, I totally haven't forgotten that you won a bookworm giveaway over at my blog, uh, months ago. And that will be coming your way...soon...ish. <3)

  11. I think those are some of the most adorable cake toppers I have ever seen.

    Good luck with the bunting- do you have/can you borrow a sewing machine? That would make it go a LOT faster.

  12. I love how you not only have all of this wedding excitement but you are also learning to scuba dive at the same time. Good luck on the bunting! I think it is going to look amazing!

  13. SQUEE I love your cake toppers. They are adorble, and look super well made. XD

  14. The cake toppers are so adorable and original! LOVE them! You chose great fabrics--bunting is really easy, you can do it!

  15. Those are the cutest cake toppers that I have ever seen! Well worth the splurge. Love your wedding colors, too. The bunting is an awesome idea. There are so many cute bunting patterns floating around, I am sure that you will have no problem making them. My sewing skills are extremely limited, so no good advise here. Maybe pinking shears would be a good no-sew solution?
    In one of the summer issues of Molly Makes magazine, there was a free wedding inspiration booklet included. I would be happy to mail it out to you. Just message me on ravelry with your address if you are interested :)

  16. Oh, forgot to say good luck with the scuba diving! My hubby is certified and absolutely loves scuba diving. He keeps nagging me to get certified, too.

  17. As one person with no sewing skills to another (actually, you probably have more than me!), let me say one thing: fusible interfacing, then cut. Don't worry about making seams, yadda yadda yadda, just give those darling fabrics some body and cut 'em out. Don't fray-check 'em...they only have to last one day, right??? Shoot, I'd probably even find some nice vintage-looking paper clips and attach them to the cord that way!

    Adorable birds are adorable!!!