Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday v.73

Ah, the post-Christmas collapse!  I kind of love it.  I have a whole week of vacation to do not very much at all, and that's a pretty rare thing around here.  So, (surprise, surprise) I've been knitting my face off!  Awesome.

Remember that sleeve I was whining about last week?  Done!  I'm so glad to be on the other side of the whole sleeve business that I'm actually weirdly happy about knitting rows that have 200+ stitches.  Yep, the raglan decreases are in full swing around here...

I'm hoping that I might actually be done with the body of the sweater and on to the button bands and collar before the end of the week, but we'll see.  So far, I'm pretty happy with the way Lorna Suzanne is coming together, even if it does look like it would fit a 6-year-old at the moment. 

I also dug out the formerly mucked-up-and-then-frogged mitten cuff this week and got the ribbing going again.  So far, so good this time.  Fingers crossed.

Look what I found in my Christmas stocking! 

I'm very proud of Mr. Right for venturing into Barnes and Noble and purchasing a knitting magazine.  A move like that is pretty far outside his usual comfort zone.

And then under the tree... this:

I know, right?  It's kind of like me giving him an issue of, well... Vogue Knitting.  I tried to interestedly  flip through my new jeep magazine in an effort to be a good significant other, and guess what fell out!?!  A receipt for a set of Darn Pretty interchangeables from Dyakcraft!  <<insert joyful jumping up and down here>>  He's pretty good at being sneaky some times. These needles are beyond lovely and handmade in the US, which is a rare find these days. They were at the tippity top of my Christmas wish list, and I'm so so excited to have them -- in 12-14 weeks. Ah well, I know they'll be worth the wait.

Anyone else have a knitterly Christmas?  I'd love to hear.  Meanwhile, I'll be spending the rest of this week getting Mr. Right ready to travel.  We found out today that he'll be leaving in the next week or so for a 6 month (!) assignment, part in California and part in Alaska.  More details to come as we figure stuff out, and I'll pop in to visit the rest of the WIPW posts when I can.

In the mean time, Happy New Year, guys!


  1. Wow that jumpers coming along fast, and it looks great. So do the mittens, nice fix.

  2. loving the jumper and am so excited to see how those mittens work out.

    6 months. Wow. Can you go too?
    Good luck with that.

    Those needles look exciting. I havent used circular needles before so can quite get in my head how they would work - I suppose i should do what I do with all other knitting problems and you tube it- but they look pretty! Bless him. He's a keeper!

    Ooh, I meant to say that something caught my eye on your blog a while ago about family mysteries so have been back-reading your blog. I started right at the beginning and have got to Dec'2010. Looking forward to find out some answers!

    All the best for a fab new year..
    Nicky xxxxx

  3. Lovely the WIPs. The jumper is looking really good and i love the colour!

  4. Your jumper looks AMAZING! I also had a very yarny Christmas - no handmade needles though - I must write a post on that over the weekend!

  5. Wow I love that sweater! I didn't get anything yarn or knitting related for Christmas which was just fine by me since I'm on a yarn diet. It was still a great Christmas with lots of great gifts.

  6. That is sneaky! And very thoughtful! Mine gets the deer-in-the-headlights look if I even say "Yarn Store". I hate sleeves - they just seem endless - good for you for getting them done. And even with 200 sts, at least you're decreasing, right?

  7. Hahaha! Love the needle certificate tucked in the offroad magazine!!! =D

  8. I love the look of a sweater in the round with the sleeves attached. Whether you are knitting top-down of bottom-up, it still means the worst is over!
    Those needles looks awesome. What a fun sneaky gift.
    I hope you will get to see lots of California and Alaska in the next 6 months too!

  9. Hey chick. Thanks for ur messages. Too much new yr vOdka to reply properly but will send one 2m. Lots of love. Xxxx