Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday v.71

Happy Wednesday, folks!  It's official, even I'm starting to feel a tiny bit panicky about Christmas.  I'm usually way ahead of the game with this type of thing, but all that craziness last summer threw me off my game a little bit.  (Quick update:  Mr. Right and I are doing well now, still working on things but definitely heading in the right direction.  Yay!)  Anyway, I still have some Christmas prep to do, and I'm betting I'm not alone.  Anyone else?

In other, less urgent news...  Lorna Suzanne is still sailing along at a pretty good clip.  The body doesn't look much different than last week, but it's a couple of inches taller and officially on hold at the armpits, patiently waiting for its sleeves.
I had a bit of a scare on sleeve one, wherein I looked at the cuff I'd just finished and declared it to be ginormous.  Seriously, this thing looked huge.

I contemplated frogging, but instead put it aside and frogged the Peerie mitten ribbing to get rid of the stupid mistake I made right at the beginning.  Why are the really dumb mistakes always right at the beginning?  Anyway.  Ta da!  It's a mitten lining once more.

I'll put some elbow grease into it this weekend and see if I can get it back on track.

Once I took a few deep breaths and picked up the Massive Sleeve Cuff again, I realized that this pattern calls for 3/4 length sleeves, and as it happens... my forearms are somewhat larger than my wrists, and the Massive Sleeve Cuff is really just kinda normal-sized.  Awesome.  I love it when that happens.  Now I'm back to soldiering away on sleeve #1, and longing for 2 finished sleeves so I can join everything onto my circ and get back to some nice long rows. 

Oh!  And the Idlewood yarn arrived this week, much faster than expected.
So you see, I really need to get this sweater done so I can start on that one.  Isn't it pretty?  I kind of love it (It's Cascade 220 in the Cordovan colorway).

Finally, I've been rather hopelessly obsessed with the Pinterest world the last few days.  It's such a time suck, and there's so much cool stuff.  Anyone use this site?  Thoughts?  Got a spare invite?  Because at the moment, I'm on the waiting list.  And I'm not the most patient person ever.  I'm super curious to know what your experience has been if you'd care to share.

ETA:  Thanks, Nikki for the Pinterest invite!  I'm all set now, but if anyone else would like one, let me know.  I'm suddenly in a position to send them.  Yay!

If I can tear myself away from that, I'll be making the rounds, checking out everyone else's WIPW entries.  Join me?


  1. Ok I tried sending a pinterest invite to your gmail account. Hope it works! I'm a wee bit obsessed with it myself. Such a great way to keep track of things like recipes on the net!
    Lorna Suzanne looks amazing. You are putting me to sweater shame!

  2. Im in awe of people who knit sweaters haven't attempted one, looks too complicated. You're not alone in respect to Christmas, plus its my son's birthday on Boxing Day and I have no idea what to get him....what to do???!!!!

  3. I love the colours you are using in this week's post, they are so warm and wintery!
    I to love Pinterest, I haven't been on there so much recently but at first I lost whole afternoons to it.

  4. whats ur pinterest account?
    i'm Jay Nic Knit Knacks if you can find me.

    Loving that jumper.
    Did you see the link i posted on your poast about that amazing hat you made???

  5. Glad you and Mr. Right are doing better. You are super busy! Can't wait to see your finished projects!

  6. I am so jealous of your sweater progress, and all of your colors are just beautiful. I'm still plodding along on a shawl -- 1,000 stitches a day only yields four rows in the lace pattern, so I'm trying not to freak out. Can't wait to cast on for something else from my queue. :)

    I haven't done anything with my Pinterest account yet, but would love to follow along with what you're finding. I'm expetesso there, too.

    Also, congratulations on working through the hard things with Mister Right. That makes me quite giddy. :)

  7. sweater looks awesome!! love your choice of colour!! xx

  8. You have so many projects going on, and they're all so pretty! But I think my favourite thing about this post is that Cascade yarn for your next sweater, what a perfect colour! It will look fantastic as a big, drapey cowl collar.

  9. Glad the massive sleeve cuff turned out to be correct - what a relief! And good to hear that you and Mr are heading on the right track :)

  10. Love the purple of your sweater. And I can't wait to see your Idlewood. You'll love working on it. It goes by fast with Cascade yarn and the size 10 needle.

  11. Your sweater is coming along really nicely! Can't wait to see it. Glad the sleeves aren't messing with you anymore! Could I plllleeease have a pinterest invite? my email is owlmazing at gmail dot com.