Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Work In Progress Wednesday v.55

I have this fantasy life wherein I update this blog more than once a week, but somehow am unable to make it a reality at this point.  Sigh.  At least Wednesdays are still happening pretty regularly.

I think I must've fallen into some sort of hamster-wheel-style time warp this week, since I've been working and knitting and knitting and knitting and I'm in pretty much exactly the same spot as this time last week.  How does that happen?

Mr. Right and I are still working on stuff.  Not much progress on that front this week, unless you count swinging from happiness to despair and back again as progress.  I do suppose that we'll get it worked out one way or another eventually, but just between you and me... limbo kind of stinks.

On other non-progress fronts, Hedgerow Sock #1 continues, and is getting cuter by the inch.  (This is the part where I apologize about the crappy photos.  A big cloud came just as I was setting up in my driveway outdoor photo studio.  Sorry!)
It really is bigger than last week, I promise.  One more round to go, then it's heel flap city, baby.  It'll look different next week. I'm almost sure of it.

And then there's the Vest (And no, it's not really purple this week.  See photo disclaimer above...) I spent about 4 days (I guess that's why I don't have more to show for myself) picking up stitches for the shawl collar.
 Have I mentioned that this pattern is not my friend?  Grrrr.  Anyway, eleventy billion attempts later, I actually have the correct number of stitches on the needle and am ready to actually *gasp* knit.  It still doesn't fit AT ALL, but I'm happy to report that it does fit one of the ladies in my lunchtime knitting group, and looks pretty great on her.  Providing I ever get the dumb thing finished, she's promised to give it a good home, and has offered to buy the yarn for my next sweater in return.  I'm pretty excited about this arrangement, I gotta say.

Speaking of being pretty excited... I just booked a plane ticket to head out to the east coast next month.  I have friends from Colorado who will be staying in Pennsylvania for a couple of months, and invited me to come visit.  Who am I to turn down an offer like that?  And, I have other friends in New Hampshire who I'll drive up to see while I'm there.  Very cool, especially since I have a burning desire to visit all 50 states, and haven't hit New England at all yet.  You can knock out something like 5 states in a day over there-- utterly mindboggling to this California girl.  Here's where I've been:
That makes 19 so far.  31 to go!  How 'bout you guys?  How many states have you visited?  Inquiring minds and all that...  And after you've told me about your travels, make your way over to WIPW and check out everyone else's progress this week.  There's some seriously crafty crafting going on over there!   


  1. Good progress on all fronts.

    Wow I love that you are slowly but surely working through the different states.

  2. hey Paula.
    keep up the hard work.

    I've seen 2 of those maps today and neither had Indiana crossed off. It's the only state I have visited - I went when I was 16 to vitit my aunt. Can I donate it to you?

    I really want to travel across the states in one of those big RV things. We're hoping to do it next year for our 'real' honeymoon.

    Keep your chin up, limbo cant last forever!

  3. Limbo does suck :( I'm sorry.

    Your sock is looking fab, I'm glad you like it now ;)

  4. Let's see...

    New York, Oregon, California, Washington, Arizona, Massachusetts (which I can never spell right on the first try), Rhode Island, Hawaii, Illinois, New Jersey, Washington DC (that counts, right?),Texas, New Mexico... I've been in airports in Colorado, Georgia and Nevada, and I think I drove through Montana and Idaho (to go camping in Canada).

    I really like your sock, and I totally believe it's longer than last week!

  5. i've visited of the east coast states, most of the south, some of the midwest, and hopped out to california twice. my stepfather's been to 49 out of 50, just needs South Dakota so my kids are trying to get him to take us all to see Mount Rushmore (talk about a long road trip).

    i am glad the vest-from-hell has found its true purpose. surely the rest of it will be easier?

  6. Such pretty yarn for your Hedgerows!

    As for visits to states: New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, Maine, Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Florida, Ohio, Vermont, Michigan and Massachussets. That's 16 and we're flying to California in November which will make 17. Not bad for a Canadian, eh?

  7. I continue to love the stitch pattern on your socks.

    I was just saying to someone this morning how much I hate the feeling of being stuck in limbo. I must have been sensing some of your pain.

    I've been to 11 states (and 16 countries) which I think is pretty good for a Canadian west coaster.

  8. The socks look great and so does your vest. Most of the states I've visited were from the many drives back and forth from New York to Tucson. The first trip our truck broke down at every state, so I consider it a visit, if I had to spend the night.

  9. Your vest is really gorgeous!

    I like your project to visit all the states and a break by the coast sounds nice :)