Monday, March 14, 2011

The World's Best Birthday Card

On Saturday, we finally got around to having my much-postponed birthday party.  It was loads of fun, with good friends, great food and 3(!) birthday cakes.  Honestly, the 3-cake thing was a total fluke.  The bakery made a booboo which resulted in us getting an extra cake at no charge, and the folks who had said they'd bring a salad showed up with a strawberry cream cake instead.  No complaints here.  I think 3 cakes should be the new birthday standard -- apart from the tummy ache that came from sampling all of them.  Oof.  I'd show you pictures of the cakes, but I left the camera at Mr. Right's house.  So, you'll have to take my word for it at the moment, they were AWESOME.

(pretend there are pretty cake pictures here)

And, despite my protests and Mr. Right's explicit instructions, everyone showed up with gifts.  I really hate opening presents in front of people, but just between you and me, it was kind of fun.  Our friend, A -- engineer and car-nut extraordinaire actually toted himself over to our LYS in his racing truck, marched inside and asked a room full of ladies, most of whom were openly staring at him, if they sold gift certificates.  They did, and he bought me one!  How cool is that?  I really need to find that guy a worthy girlfriend.  He's a keeper, for sure.

By far, the coolest gift of the evening was a card from Mr. Right's friend, J and his girls.  J is a widower with twin 19-year-old daughters.  He's definitely got his hands full, but he's a fantastic dad, and I love his girls to death.  Here's the card they gave me:

Cute, right?  Maybe a bit odd with all the hearts and whatnot, but totally serviceable as a birthday card.  And when I opened it, I burst out laughing so hard, I was crying.  Here's what it said:
How awesome is that?  Leigha is one of the twins, and coincidentally the twin who went out of town this weekend, leaving her Valentine's Day card from her aunt and uncle unattended.  I think the pink pen is an extra nice touch.  Don't you?


  1. Oh man- I wish more people would give cards like that! I feel like cards are so wasteful- this is so cute!

  2. alksdfj Best. Card. Ever.

    I'm glad you had an awesome birthday! :)