Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Work In Progress Wednesday v.31

Not so much knitting this week, I'm afraid.  I was sitting here, staring at a pile of unknitted sock, and I couldn't for the life of me figure out why I hadn't gotten more done, but then I remembered...

  •  My bathroom sink is fixed, and water actually runs *through* it now.  Epic.
  • Mr. Right's garage stairs are once again whole and functional, until the next time he bashes into them with the truck...
  •  The fridge is full of food, and we'll both have home cooked meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner all week.  Yum.
  • And, oh yeah... I've spent the last 2 days in meetings all through my lunch hour.  No knitting lunches for me.  Far less satisfying than the rest of the distractions on the list, but part of the price of being gainfully employed, I guess.
 Anyway, that's not to say there's been NO progress, just precious little.  Sock #2 is bigger...

I thought about trying to get the stripes to match on these, but it seemed like so much hassle, and it's not like they won't still go together.  Right?  Hope so, because this is one pair of socks that's definitely more fraternal than identical.  I still love them a whole lot, though.

Oh yeah, the vest.  Sheepishly guilty admission time:  I ran home and cranked through a few measly rows so I'd have some progress to report, but that's about it.  The right front is all done with decreases, has the right number of stitches, and just a couple inches to go before I bind off and start working up the back.

 I gotta say, you guys definitely keep me honest!  If not for WIPW, I'd have stuffed this thing under the bed a while ago.  Thanks for the motivation!  And if you need more of that, go check out all the other Works In Progress this Wednesday.  There's some cool stuff going on out there!


  1. I've never been able to get stripes to match.

  2. That sock yarn looks beautiful! Fraternal socks do have a rather lovely charm :)

  3. I have never actually knit a PAIR of socks (just the lonely one) but have never understood the desire to have them match. Especially when you're working with a yarn that is seriously as GORGEOUS as that one.

  4. You're welcome! WIPW totally keeps me honest as well. Funny how that works, isn't it? Glad to hear you got all the home improvements done you needed, that's WIP stuff (or what) in itself!

    Man I love that colorway for the socks and agree that fraternal socks sometimes are even CUTER than identical.

  5. Glad we can help with your motivation. :) Looking good!

  6. I think a sink where the water runs through it is a fantastic achievement ;-).

    And yes who cares about matching stripes? Wear those fraternal socks with pride!

  7. Remember -- anybody can buy socks that perfectly match. But you are creating two that clearly go together, yet each has its own unique loveliness.
    Congratulations on the improved sink functionality -- I can totally relate to how much time the home repair stuff takes.

  8. So sad to hear about the shortage of knitting time this week. I can definitely sympathize. On the bright side, sock 2 is looking great. I like slightly mismatched hand knit socks myself. The perfectly matched ones are kinda creepy, IMO. And I had to laugh about your sneeking in a few rows of the vest for the sake of WIP Wednesday. I can just picture it! I admit to doing that myself in the past, too.

  9. I sooo relate to this post! It was WIPW that got me to knit and post this week and I have to remind myself about what else got accomplished this week! I love those socks.

  10. It's a shame how life keeps getting in the way of the important stuff :-)
    Evelyn in Montreal

  11. Isn't it annoying how silly little things like work and food can can get in the way of the important things in life ; )

  12. well look at this way...I have identical twin boys but there are subtle differences between them, so yeah your socks are identical, after all they are both SOCKS. And you can refer to them, like I do the boys when they are annoying..."they are MY little freaks of nature!"