Monday, February 28, 2011

It's My Party!

So... Saturday was my birthday.  It was not the best timing, since Mr. Right had been away all week on a business trip, but was scheduled to come home on Saturday night.  He figured he'd take me out to a birthday dinner on the way home from the airport, and then we'd have a small party with some friends on Sunday.

Not quite.  He got the news on Thursday that he needed to extend his trip til Sunday.  No dinner.  No party (most of the invitees were traveling with him).  Bummer, man.  And so I spent Saturday alternately cleaning and sulking.  Not my best moment.  Mr. Right, bless his heart, got up at 3am to catch a 6am flight so he could be home as soon as humanly possible.  And we spent a really fun day together, just hanging out and catching up.

And then there were PRESENTS!  I'm not ashamed.  I like presents a lot.  And the guy totally outdid himself.  Look what I got:

It's a Knit Picks Swift!

And it opens (and the only counter it fits on is in my kitchen, lucky for you I just cleaned)!

AND a Knit Picks ball winder(!!)  Can I just pause here to say what a cool thing the KP wish list is?  Okay, moving on...  He also got me a set of locking stitch markers because I lost mine, how amazing is that?  You're right.  Pretty amazing.

So I pulled out my favorite skein of sock yarn...

And then I draped it around the swift, and hooked it up to the ball winder, and let the magic happen.  Look at the magic happening!

Ah, bliss.

At the moment, I'm fighting the urge to wind every skein of yarn I own.  It's big fun. 

No worries, though.  The cake and the friends and the party have been rescheduled for next Saturday.  Think everyone will be as excited as me about my neatly wound center pull skeins?  One way to find out...


  1. Happy birthday (late)! Mr Right done did goooood!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday! What a wonderful man you have! Who needs flowers? Bring on the swift!

  3. Happy Birthday! You had cake ... yarn cake, LOL! Isn't it fun. I often want to wind EVERYTHING after I wind one skein.

  4. Lucky you! A swift and a ball winder for your birthday plus a Mr Right who's not afraid to support your habit :-)