Monday, January 24, 2011

Yee Haw!

January is rodeo time around these parts, when the National Western Stock Show rolls into town, and this year Mr. Right and I decided it was finally time to check it out.  And so last Sunday, we bought our rodeo tickets and headed out.  It was quite an experience. 

We wandered around the livestock pens, where the cows lounged about waiting for their moments in the spotlight...
And the bulls (this one was bigger than my car) got brushed and fluffed...
...before the big auction.  We watched the auction for a while as the bidding soared upwards of $10,000.  And while we were watching, I realized they weren't selling bulls for $10,000, they were, stuff to make little bulls for $10,000 a vial.  Clearly I'm in the wrong business.  Right then.  Anyway...

After that, we stumbled on Roy Rogers' old car.  Awesome.
More wandering landed us here:
Even awesomer. 

And where there are giant piles of soft, freshly-shorn wool, it follows that there are lots (and lots) of newly naked sheep...

And they weren't too happy about it, either.

Before we knew it, it was time for the rodeo to start so we headed off to find the arena and our seats.  The Westernaires performed, which was a little bit mind boggling to watch. 

There was also "Mutton Bustin'", wherein parents plant their small children on the backs of freaked out sheep and see how long they can hold on.  Most of them make it about 6 feet, but this little girl rode - in this position - almost all the way down the length of the arena. 

In the end, all of the sheep were safe and sound and all of the kids (also safe and sound) went home with trophies that were just a hair taller than they were.

All sorts of rodeo-type-stuff followed, and all of it was fun to watch. The bronco riding was pretty impressive.  My favorite part is when they're getting ready to open the gate. There's so much excitement in the air.  Is that weird?

And once they do, look out...
The grand finale of the night is always bull riding.  Crazy. 

All in all, we had a great time.  It's definitely a lifestyle that's totally alien to me, but it's nice to visit.  If you're ever in Colorado when the show's on, go check it out.


  1. I've been to a few rodeos ... never have I seen small children put on wacky sheep. That's one I would definitely pay to see, LOL!!

  2. I've always lived on the east coast, so all this rodeo stuff is novel and awesome to me! I can't belive how soft and fluffy that bull looks! I'd want to pet it if if weren't also huge and scary.

  3. This sound like so much fun! I would love to go to a rodeo, but I have a feeling I'd have to travel quite far from Maine to see one. Great photos!