Monday, September 27, 2010

Before and After

I spent lots of time last weekend scanning old pictures and trying to clean up the craft room.  While I was poking around up there, I found an old photo album I didn't recognize.  Turns out, it's my baby book.  Kind of fun to flip through.  It's just photos, really and a birth announcement.  But still, it's nice to have.  Mom didn't seem the baby book sort, so it was a happy surprise to find it.

While I was toodling down memory lane, I came across a picture that made me stop.  And pull it out.  And scan it.  Here it is...

That's me, passed out cold and with a rather unfortunate hairdo.  My nap buddy there is Mr. Bear, shiny new and all decked out with his fancy gold ribbon.  He's the reason I pulled this particular picture.  I don't remember him ever looking like that, or having a ribbon around his neck, for that matter...

In fact, here's how I've known Mr. Bear as long as I can remember:

This is Mr. Bear today.  You can't quite see it in the picture, but this is one flat bear.  I slept on top of him for at least 2 years, and squashed him like a pancake.  I'm guessing that's where he lost his mouth and nose, too.  He doesn't complain, though.  In fact, he'll still come out of retirement occasionally to play me a slightly slow-motion version of his favorite lullaby if I turn his music box crank. 

That's some serious teddy bear devotion.


  1. Thats awesome, I love that you still have your bear, and you have a picture of him all nice and shiny and new. I still have my favorite bear from when I was 5, showing a lot of love from over the years (and survived countless trips to the laundry machine!).

  2. I agree, That is an awesome photo. My son had a bear, I don't think we have a picture of it new. When he was growing up I told him if he ever felt he was too old for the bear, he must give it to me. At 14 he finally gave it up - walked up to me in the kitchen and handed him over. I kept him. Sometime around his 30th birthday, he discovered that I still had the bear. He asked for it back. I was thrilled to return the bear to his rightful owner. I was also glad to see that he had matured enough to want a piece of his childhood back. And, in fact, my adult daughter did the same thing. Very special that picture of yours.