Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Work in Progress Wednesday v.147

I really did mean to post last week, it's just that well... there was no progress.  How sad is that?  All my projects are at that annoying point where something significant needs to happen to them to get them any farther along.  And sometimes you just want to sit down and knit, ya know?  Anyway, I finally scooted a couple of them along this week, and while it's not much, it is forward motion.  So, yay!

First up, the Austin Hoodie body is finito.  It has to be blocked before the shoulders can be grafted and the sleeves started (see what I mean?), so it finally went into the drink this morning:

I'd actually used a bunch of different contrasting yarns as stitch holders for all the different sections of live stitches, but then I had a tiny panic attack:  What if all this dark yarn bleeds all over my pretty, pretty light colored madtosh?  And so I spent a good half hour pulling out all the contrasting yarn and threading matching yarn into all the different groups of live stitches.  It was pretty much just as riveting as it sounds.  But hopefully, we'll get a sleeve started in the next week and I'll be able to get going on it again for reals.

Next up is my long suffering Peerie Flooers Mitten, which has been in progress since the dark ages.  Just the decreases and the thumb left now, so it's poking along too.  And it's slightly more photogenic than the hoodie in its current state...

It will be a serious miracle if it gets a mate at this rate, but I really would love to wear it at some point, so that's good motivation.  Hopefully, it'll be good enough!

That's all that's in the hopper around here this week.  Go check out Work in Progress Wednesday for all sorts of awesome crafty bits!


  1. As much as I want those Peerie Floores mittens, I might just stick to the hat. ;)

  2. So happy to see you back blogging and knitting again! The mitten is looking great.

  3. I love the mystery shot of your hoodie. Can't wait to see how it's shaping up. Ah that mitten... It looks lovely but painful!