Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Work in Progress Wednesday v.144

Huzzah!  The knitting mojo has returned!  Unfortunately, All the Time in the World didn't show up along with it, but beggars can't be choosers, right?  I'm knitting again, and while I wish I had more time to do it, I'm mostly just glad to have needles in my hands again.

I even managed to knit a whole Something, which you'll have to pop in on Friday to get a look at, but it was really nice to finish something and block it, and have it be all cute and *done*.  I got so excited about it, I ran right out and cast on a new project!  I know, right?  I don't know who I am either.  That aside, check out the beginnings of my new Ptarmigan cowl.

I <3 this pattern a bunch.  I saw a shop sample at Fancy Tiger last fall and immediately bought yarn to make it because I really, really wanted to wear it.  But then I didn't knit it.  And it's been sitting in the craft room for aaaaaaaages.  So it's cute.  And fun to knit.  And stashbusting.  Triple threat!  Anyway, the yarn is Rowan Cashsoft DK, which is soft and sturdy, and has great stitch definition.  I'm a fan.  Really, it's a pleasure to knit.

I'm also still poking along on the Austin Hoodie.

Nearly finished with the body now, then it gets blocked, the shoulders get grafted together and I get to start on the arms.  Hopefully, all those steps will happen this week.

In other news, well...  I'm not sure there is other news.  It's mostly baby-trying and fertility stuff these days, and I'm on the fence about whether this blog is a good place to go into detail about all that.  Is it over-sharing?  Would it be helpful or interesting to anybody?  Feel free to let me know what you think on the subject.  And then go check out all the other WIPW entries.  I'm ridiculously behind on reading them myself, but there's always awesome stuff going on over there.

See you Friday!


  1. With regard to the fertility issues, if you started the post with craft stuff and included a "warning" that the fertility stuff followed so people who didn't want to read it could avoid it. If people can be upset by the subject matter then they don't need to read it, but there is no reason why you can't share your life online if you want to. However, you might want to think about if you share it, then it will be public forever. Whilst you may be ok with sharing it now, in 3 years time you might not be.

  2. I second Stitched's advice. If you want to share it, do so, it's your blog!

  3. Glad to see your mojo's back! That's a really nice color for a cowl.

  4. Very nice cowl pattern. If you post about fertility issues I'm likely to skip over it as I'm here to see knitting and have nothing to offer on the topic nor any interest. But that's just me and it's your blog!

  5. I'm so glad you've found your mojo! Your cowl and hoodie are fantastic.
    It's your blog and you can write whatever you want but you also must decide how much you want to share with the world. Good luck with everything.

  6. This is your blog and you share whatever you want to share. If you feel like the fertility/baby stuff is something that not everyone would want to read, then perhaps a warning or something. Personally, I read blogs that have more than just the yarny goods...and my blog isn't always about yarny goodness. It works for me.

  7. Yay! You're back! I missed you you xx
    BTW if All The Time In The World does show up at your place, could you send him over here for a little side trip? No Time For Anything has overstayed his welcome and I am ready for him to move on!
    As for the blog, personally I like blogs with a little more depth to them (as long as they continue to show pretty pictures of yarn, of course!)

  8. I say write what you want to write...we'll be here to listen and support you!