Friday, March 29, 2013

FO Friday -- Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!

Oh guys, I'm so sorry.  I totally fell off the face of the earth this month, and I apologize.  I did have some pretty good reasons, though...

Right before Stitches West, we found out that I was pregnant.  Right after I got back, we had an ultrasound that showed things were probably okay.  A week later, we had another that showed things were probably not okay.  A few days after that, Mr. Right had an accident at work that landed him in the hospital with a severed Achilles tendon. He had surgery to repair it, and is home and recovering.  While all this was happening, we found out that things were definitely not okay with the pregnancy.  Last week, we had a miscarriage.  It's okay.  Without going into too much detail, we got some encouraging news and we're hopeful.  We're both okay, just really trying to climb out of the last month's stuff. 

Anyway, when last we spoke, I was holding a contest to share part of my Stitches bounty, two skeins of gorgeous Alpenglow yarn. 

Thanks so much for all the comments and entries!  Man, I love having giveaways.  I especially like typing the numbers into the Random Number Generator.  Here's what it kicked out this time...

A quick perusal of the comments reveals that comment #11 was left by Cathy at Cat's Tale, all the way in Melbourne, Australia!  Big congratulations to you, Cathy!  I'll be mailing it this weekend, though there's really no telling how long the trip from Colorado to Australia will take.  I'm curious to see!

Anyway, things are beginning to return to normal around here, so you can expect to see me popping up more regularly again.  With knitting, even!  The mind boggles.  Until then, have a lovely weekend and go check out FO Friday and Fiber Arts Friday for lots more yarniness.


  1. I think you've had plenty going on in your life! That all sucks all around but hooray for someone getting lovely yarn! I hope things are looking up for you and the husband (and that he doesn't have another accident at work).

  2. Aw sweetie, I'm so sorry that you didn't get to keep this baby. It's tough to deal with, especially when other stuff is going on. I'm pretty sure you have a great support network to talk to, but if you need to talk to someone who isn't personally involved, but understands, you know where I am. Big Hugs. x

  3. So, so sorry about the baby. And, of course, your husband's accident. Life has a way of throwing curve balls we would rather avoid. Hugs.

  4. I know nothing makes it better having been through a miscarriage myself. I can only offer prayers for your healing, and will also say prayers for your husband injury. Life can offer us hard knocks, but with love and family we can overcome all.

  5. Big hugs my dear. That's some major stuff happening all together. I'm sending you lots of love and strength your way.

  6. Oh, I'm so sorry for the rough patches you've been going through, all at once. Things like that always seem to come in waves, don't they? Sending you hugs and healing thoughts, and hope the knitting is a good distraction and comfort! : )

  7. oh hun. what a rubbish time for you.
    I'm so sorry to hear this.
    Glad you are keeping positive. Difficult in a time like this but definitely for the best. Take care of yourself. I've missed you!

  8. Oh I do hope the tide will turn for you from now, hard times will pass even though sometimes it doesn't look that way. You probably don't need sympathy right now but my thoughts are with you. ... And what a lovely surprise to find I was the lucky one! Like I said before please let me pay the postage :)

  9. Congrats to Cathy!

    Big hugs to you. You must be riding quite the roller coaster right now. Take care of yourself. It will take time to heal physically and emotionally.

  10. {{{{hugs}}}}

    Glad you both are OK now, physically at least.

    {{{{more hugs}}}}

  11. Sending thoughts of healing to you both. Glad you're both at home where you can be comfortable while recovering. Best wishes for a better month ahead.

  12. With my intermittent internet access while away, i,ve only just seen your post now. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss and all the hard times you've been through recently. I hope you really are doing ok. Try not to get discouraged. I had a miscarriage in the month before I got pregnant with each of my successful pregnancies (seriously, all three). It doesn't really get easier but it is ok. Sending you thoughts of peace and lots of love xxx