Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday v.92

Hey y'all!  I haven't forgotten about you, promise.  I do feel like it's been ages since I've managed a post, though.  Apologies for that.  The truth is, things around here are incredibly stressful at the moment and I haven't had the time or concentration skills to get much knitting done at all.  Boo.

As such, I'm *still* puttering along on Narragansett.  I realized, when I started sleeve 2, that I had done some seriously wonky decreases on sleeve 1 (See distraction and stress, above).  Now I'm having to work hard to match the wonkiness on sleeve 2.

No small feat, but it's coming along.  At this rate, I'll be finished just in time to wear it for the Fall.

Since I have nothing of interest to share knittingwise, I'll attempt to distract you with pretty pictures.  It turns out that there's a place in northeastern Colorado called the Wild Animal Sanctuary.  They take in and care for loads of exotic animals who've been abused and mistreated in some way or another, fix them up and give them cushy lives.  It is, all in all, a totally awesome place.

And they let you come in and wander around on walkways that wind over the animal enclosures.  How cool is that?

So on Saturday, we took our stress-addled selves out to the boonies for an afternoon of predators on parade. 

They have loads of lions (who do lots of yawning on Saturday afternoons)...

And tigers...

And bears.  Oh my!  (Sorry, couldn't resist)

There's even a camel who hangs out with a couple of horses in a pasture.

And several packs of wolves...

But seriously, the grizzly bears had the most personality.  It was so much fun to watch them play and tussle and blow bubbles in their pool...

... without a care in the world.  There's a lesson for me in there somewhere.

Meanwhile, I'm sure some actual knitting has taken place this week over at WIPW.  Go see for yourselves.  For my part, I'll try hard to have something more interesting to show you all next week.



  1. Your Narragansett looks great, can't see any wonky sleeves at all! And seeing those animals up close looks incredible, I would love to go visit.

  2. Wow, that sanctuary looks fantastic! Hope your stress levels go down soon. Narragansett is looking fantastic, I'm not seeing any wonky decreases from where I sit!

  3. Ooooh, lions and tigers, cool :)

    Hope the decreases work out for you on the second sleeve - they don't look wonky to me on the first one though!

  4. You are slowly but surely getting there with your sweater! So, so close! I'm sure that even if you don't do the sleeves exactly the same it will still turn out fine. This is going to be such a pretty FO! That sanctuary is amazing! I cannot believe that there is such a great place for wild animals out there. They have so much space!

  5. The sweater looks great and I just love the color!

  6. If you did wonky sleeves, I didn't notice...just sayin' :)

  7. Your sweater looks fantastic! I see no wonkiness.

  8. I agree that the wonky isn't visible to those of us not actually working on the sweater. I think it's looking great! LOVE the animal pictures!!! Look at the tongue on that female lion...she gives Gene Simmons a real run for his money! =) Lions, tigers and bears...they look so cute to be so deadly, don't they??

  9. Your sweater is looking lovely. Not too much more to go! Love the whole concept behind the Wild Animal Sanctuary. You really captured some great pictures, especially of those grizzlies. Hope that things get less stressful and that you get some relaxing knitting in.

  10. That sanctuary visit looks like a lot of fun; I love animals anyway so I'd probably love it.

    Good luck on the sweater! I knit very slowly so I'm with you!

  11. Lions? And Tigers? And Bears? OH NO!
    (sorry, I couldn't resist either)

    Narangaseet looks charming so far. You don't have too much left now!

  12. I had no idea about that place... may be Hubba's only chance for seeing a Grizzly in person.


  14. Eek, trying to Match Up the Wonkiness can be a real challenge, I hope the second sleeve cooperates and you've got a finished (and sure to be beautiful) sweater soon. And thanks for sharing the wonderful photos of the animal sanctuary! I wish there was somewhere like that near me---I have to settle for much smaller rescue animals at the one I go to sometimes. ;)

  15. The Wild Life Sanctuary feeds around 10 am on Saturday if you want to see more activity.