Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Work In Progress Wednesday v.67

Welcome to In Between WIPs Wednesday, where everything is just wrapped up or gearing up to start. I hate it when that happens.

First, the really awesome news. Remember Friday, when I was all whiny about not being able to find the mistake in my hat? And when I spent 2 days looking for the error? Yeah, I couldn't find my mistake because there wasn't one. Sometimes I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed. Anyway, it's finished and blocked and waiting for its close up on Friday. So no pictures for you today.

Now, I'm about to start on the matching mittens. I'm super excited about them, especially since the cuffs are lined in squishy yarn. The pattern calls for angora, but I had a little bit of leftover cashmere laying around (!), so I'm using that instead. I had high hopes of casting on at lunch today, but today turned out not to have lunch (boo!), so my mittens look like this:
I promise they'll be a bit more photogenic next time.

I've also managed some more roundss on good ol' Sock who's inching ever closer to the finish line, even though it doesn't look like it at all.
Finally, there's a bit of holiday knitting about to start, with a cute little project that I'm dying to show you. Unfortunately, the recipient reads this blog so you won't get a good look until after the gifting happens. Lucky for you, I can show you its current state without revealing too much.
I know, you're over the moon with excitement right now. Really, I'd be farther along with at least 2 of these projects-to-be, but on Saturday the dog and the lawn edging came together in a way that involved 11 stitches, 3 hours at the vet's office and another 3 hours cleaning the Dexter-style bloodbath out of my carpet, and my tile, and my car, and... On the plus side, the vet can now afford that trip to Tahiti he's been dreaming about. On the plus side for reals, the doggie is just fine, and running around with her sewn-together paw like nothing happened. Proof:
Now you should go check out WIPW for some actual in-progress craftiness, instead of in-planning craftiness.

See you Friday!


  1. So glad your dog is OK, cute picture! I can't wait to see the mitts, that is a gorgeous looking pattern. I am such a fan of colourwork (I've never tried it, too scared!). Sock looks great too, it is such a nice colour.

  2. Ohh excited the hat is finished, and the sock is definitely looking longer! And poor doggie, I hope she gets better soon! She matches mine, who ripped 80% of the ligaments in her leg last week, with no obvious indication of how...

  3. I'm glad you hadn't made a mistake in the hat after all - that must be such a relief!

    Hope your dog is ok, glad it's nothing too serious :)

  4. Poor pup ! I read an article about vets' bills in the US and I realise that we have it really good here in the UK - I wouldn't be able to afford one pet (let alone the three I have) if I had to fork out the kind of cash US pet owners do. Hope she heals really quickly.

  5. I was thinking about your hat last night and hoping it was going better. Excited to see it on Friday.

    Your mittens are lovely... ;-) The yarn looks very yummy. I love that color green.

    Glad the puppy is doing ok.

  6. PLANNING does count as progress! Your sock makes me smile every time I see it. Lovely work.

  7. Awww, so glad the pup is okay! He looks happy enough. :) I'm sure he looovveedd watching you clean up after him, as my animals do.

    The socks look great!!! I love that pattern and think I might make it soon.

    Can't wait to see your new projects grow! I'm knee deep in Christmas knitting, or should I say, I SHOULD be knee deep.

  8. So glad your cutie is doing ok. He looks like he's milking the incident for all that it's worth. Just like a typical man:)

    Yay for finishing the hat! Hope that you can get started on knitting with that decadent ball of cashmere soon. Sock is progressing wonderfully.

  9. Glad your doggie is ok, poor pooch! Your project sound good and can't wait to see your hat and the mittens that will follow! Great sock too!

  10. I love your socks, you made me laugh about the vet's trip to Tahiti. Your dog looks so cute, glad he's ok.

  11. Awh your poor puppy!!! I'm glad he's all fixed up, but wow! Too scary!!

    I'm about to start mittens too! :-)

  12. Glad your doggy is ok. The vets really stick it to you, especially in an emergency.

    Looking forward to seeing your hat and the start of your mittens.

    I see toe decreases in your future.

  13. Your sweet little dog still looks happy even with her bandage. I'll never forget that post about her waiting for her kiss on her nose before she ate!
    I'm so glad there was no mistake on the hat! I've done that before too. : ) And that sock is such a gorgeous color and texture!