Friday, September 30, 2011

FO Friday -- First Puff Edition

You know what the very best thing about knitting the Beekeeper's Quilt is?

I get to take part in FO Friday whenever I want now.  All I have to do is sit down for half an hour or so and fiddle with some sock yarn, and voila!  Puff!
Isn't it cute?

And now it has a friend.  2 down, 382 to go!
Also, in case you missed it before, I'm hosting a mini skein sock yarn swap for Hexipuffers, current and future.  Here's a repeat of all the details:

 The Power Puff Mini Skein Swap (What?  I've always wanted to be a Power Puff Girl.)

Who:  You.  And your friends, and knitting buddies and whoever.  Up to 20 people.  And yes -- if you want to be 2 people, you can send 20 skeinlets and get 20 back.  Just let me know ahead of time.

What:  Sock yarn, baby.  I'd prefer to avoid acrylic, but anything else will work.  Send out something you'd love to receive and good things will come back to you (in a neatly packed envelope, no less).  Each skeinlet should be 20 yards in length.  Once sign ups are closed, I'll tell you how many to send.

When:  Sign up by October 3, and send your yarn (and a self-addressed stamped envelope) by October 15.  I'll turn it around as soon as it all arrives, hopefully no later than November 1.  I'd promise earlier, but we have a few international folks who want to play and I want to make sure we have time for everyone's yarn to get here.  On the international front, don't let the SASE thing scare you off.  If it's an issue let me know and we'll try to work something out.

Where:  Email me by clicking that cute little typewriter over on the right (or message me on Ravelry -- my ID is cagirlygirl), and send me your email address.  I'll send you my mailing address and you'll be Officially Signed Up.

Why:  Because ZOMG, SO cute!  Also, it's fun.  And swaps are neat.  And I'll be really sad if I hold a skeinlet-swapping party and nobody comes.  What more reason do you need?  Oh.  You need actual reasons?  Well then...  It's way more fun to do stuff like this together, and I'll host Power Puff progress parties, and we can trade links to cute puff decorations, and encouragement when you have one puff down and 383 to go is always a good thing. 

Questions?  Shout out in the comments, or shoot off an email and I'll come up with some sort of totally plausible answer.

At the moment, we have 9 confirmed swappers.  But you still have a few days to let me know if you're interested.  The more the merrier!

Now go visit all the super-talented fiberistas at Fiber Arts Friday and FO Friday and tell them how awesome they are (because they really, really are).  Then go have a spectacular weekend, please.


  1. So cute :) And a handy FO Friday project!

  2. Those puffs are so cute! Isn't it fun to be able to finish something so quickly.

  3. The puffs are cute, wonder if there is a crochet version?

  4. I do love these little puffs, so cute!

  5. you are sneakily sharing those darling puffs in hopes that I will cave to Puff-pressure and join the rage aren't you? aren't you? It is not going to work I tell you. Absolutely, positively, maybe not.

  6. I have seen these little puffs going around with my Ravelry friends. They look like so much fun! I used most of my sock yarns in a miter squared shawl project that lasted almost two years.

  7. Oh my, another one falls victim to the Hexipuffs! I think they might be like the Tribbles on Star Trek (the original Star Trek, am I showing my age?).

    I have noticed that the Hexipuffers seem to need to convert more people to become Hexipuffers... definitely the sign of a serious addiction :-)

  8. That quilt is so cute. I love the puffs. I just finished a project where I had to crochet dozens of motifs. I wish I would have thought to do FO friday post each time I did a motif (or a few).

  9. YIkes! Did I just count 383 pieces will be needed then put together. Double yikes! I know it will be gorgeous when done though.

  10. Yay for finishing two! They turned out great!

  11. So cute. Can't wait to see more.