Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday v.51

Hey, look at that.  I'm still here.  Gotta say, there were a few times in the last week when I felt pretty sure I was going to curl up into a little ball and die.  But it didn't happen.  Not yet, anyway.  By way of celebrating, I figured I'd give y'all a WIPW update.

The week of No Contact was super hard, but ended tonight.  The good news is, we had a super-encouraging session with our counselor -- the first one where I left feeling better than when I arrived.  At the moment, I feel more hope for us than I have for a while. 

The bad news is that the good result has netted us 2 more weeks of No Contact.  And that, my friends, is a reeeeeeeaaaaalllllly long to not talk (or email or text or...) to the one you love.  I have no idea how I'll get through it, but I guess we'll see.  And if 2 more weeks apart is what it takes, I suppose it's a lot shorter than a lifetime apart.  Perspective, right?

Anyway, I did some stuff this week:

I knitted.  Since it's dark, and late, and my camera doesn't work so well, you'll have to take my word for it.  But I picked up a project and did some stuff and knitted some rows.  More than once, even.

I went to a new knitting group that's kinda nearby.  This is a HUGE deal for me, because generally I'd rather stick pins in my eyes than walk into a group of people I don't know, but I did it.  And it was fun.  And I'm kind of proud of myself.  I'm even thinking I'll go back next week.

I also read 4 books (don't mock -- they're AWESOME), and watched a lot of Mad Men and Glee.  I'm less proud of that.

I got a sassy new haircut and highlight.  I love the girl who cuts my hair, and it cheered me up a bit. 

On Sunday, I hiked a 14er.  For those of you who don't live in Colorado, 14er is the nickname for one of the 54 peaks in the state that are 14,000 feet or taller.  This one was Gray's Peak.
It's not quite as impressive as it sounds, since the trailhead was at 11,280 feet, but I gotta say:  3,000 feet of elevation gain over 3 miles is a whole big lot, espeically since there's not really any air in the air up there.

At that elevation, the snow is still melting off...
The trail started out innocently enough...
But didn't really stay that way for long...
The wildflowers are just getting going up there now.  This little guy was way above the treeline, and so pretty...
And the view from the top was beyond spectacular...
I was feeling pretty good about my accomplishment too, until I started down from the summit and passed two guys who were *running* to the top of the mountain.  Seriously?  It's not enough to make it to the top?  I kind of hate them.

Hope y'all are doing well this week.  I just wanted to say "thanks" one more time for all the good wishes and kind words you've left for me the last several weeks.  They've made a world of difference, and I really appreciate them.  Now, who wants to babysit me?  I've got 13 days to kill here, people... 


  1. What fabulous photos of your hike. That's it, Colorado's going on the holiday wishlist!

  2. Fantastic pictures, and don't let show off running guys detract from your accomplishment - getting where you did is accomplishment enough, especially with everything else you've got going on!

  3. Gorgeous photos! Well done.

  4. You sound so much more positive this week and all the things you are doing for yourself seem to be paying dividends in massess. Well done and be proud of yourself!

  5. Your story about the running guys made me laugh. I once got roped into taking a "snowshoeing running" course. As if regular snowshoeing isn't enough!
    The pictures from your hike are really spectacular. Have you ever been to the Alberta Rockies? It's just like Colorado.. only Canadian ; )
    I'm glad you are getting out and am impressed you went to a new knit night. Go again. Hang in there xx

  6. c'mon over can hide out here

  7. Gorgeous view! I'd offer to babysit just to see views like that. But with two girls to prepare for School and 2 birthday parties to plan, I better pass. Best wishes.

  8. The view from your hike is absolutely breathtaking, wow. I live where it's pancake-flat, and while that's a lot easier on the legs for walking, I'm jealous of amazing vistas like that.

    I'm glad you're managing some knitting (and reading, and Mad Men watching, which totally counts as a valid WIP in my book), and I hope that these next No Contact weeks will be worth the heartache in results. <3

  9. Wow, amazing view! Congrats on going to the new knitting group - I always find things like that to be a big challenge, too. LOVE the Gregor series...I haven't made it all the way through all 5 yet, but they're great books.

    Sending you good thoughts to get through the next couple weeks! : )

  10. It's great that you are getting out to knit night and meeting new people. That is one gorgeous view and hike. Here's hoping that the next 13 days fly by. Keep on knitting, reading, and watching Glee/Mad Men.

  11. Perspective is a wonderful thing, isn't it? So glad to hear that you guys are on the right track, even if you have to do the no contact thing a little longer. I'm so glad to hear you went to a knitting group. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new group who meets every Monday. I'm like you, I hate to meet new people as I'm very shy, but somehow this group made it feel like I've known them forever.

    How'd you like the books??? I've been wanting to read them. I love love love the Hunger Games series.

  12. Fabulous post. My thoughts are with you and I continue to hope that things will get better. The view from the top is wonderful but there is always difficulty in the climb.

  13. I heard about the Underland books earlier this month, and I have to say that I'm intriqued. But I don't know if I'll read them any time soon since I'm currently indulging my inner Star Wars geek and rereading the X-wing series.

    Oh, those mountains look lovely! And I agree with you about guys running. Last year HTB and I went on a vacation up to Mammoth Mountain and visited the Devil's Postpile nearby. That trail was so easy that HTB convinced me to go on a hike down to Rainbow Falls - which was just as nice and easy. It was the hike back to civilization that did us in - I had to pause every five minutes to catch my breath. Ugh. Never doing that again lol.

  14. good for you! i'm glad you did some fun and energizing things during a difficult time. don't give up :-)

  15. That scenery is *amazing* ! Wow for living right there ! Keep your chin up on the rest :-) xx

  16. Susan Collins wrote Under Sea, Over Stone, right? I LOVED those books...

    Your hike looked stunningly beautiful, and those guys running were probably too distracted to really look around and appreciate it!